Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 279

Chapter 279: 279

Chapter 279 – The Emerald Demon Bird’s might

A few short breaths after piercing into the body of the two-headed ape, the Emerald Demon Bird was suddenly ejected through brute strength . Nevertheless, the two-color vortex had obviously become very unstable . The blue head that was penetrated by the Emerald Demon bird had completely withered along with half of the body that was controlled by it .

However having two heads seemed to mean that it had two independent lives . It didn’t die from such a grave injury . Instead, it screamed again and again, controlling the two-color vortex to sweep towards the Emerald Demon Bird .

How fast was the Emerald Demon Bird ? Although it felt the danger, it completely ignored it and rushed to the second of the two-headed ape .

Learning from his companion misfortune, the second two-headed ape released the two lights at the same time without hesitation . Although it did not make contact with the two suns in the sky, it was still able to withstand an attack at the level of Bing Tianliang’s Descent of the Thunder God . It was only by relying on this technique that the purple head successfully made the Emerald Demon Bird bounce away .

Since they had arrived on this planet, Qian Lei was undoubtedly the least useful member of the team . Therefore no one expected that he had such a killer move . Even Bing Tianliang at full power could not hurt the two-headed ape . However, only one hit from his Emerald Demon Bird severely injured one of the two-headed apes .

The Emerald Demon Bird kept screaming, harassing the two-headed ape, flickering horizontally in the air, green jade lights shining violently, completely suppressing the two-headed ape .

The first two-headed ape it attacked , it finally released the two-color vortex it had created . The two-color vortex suddenly exploded in a powerful shock wave that expanded in all directions . Lan Xuanyu and the others were hit by the shock wave, instantly blowing away the snowflakes .

Lan Xuanyu didn’t have the leisure to take care of the others anymore . His palm covered by both the gold and silver scales hugged Dong Qianqiu’s waist . Dong Qianqiu only felt that her body became hot, and when she came back to her senses she was already leaning her back on Lan Xuanyu’s chest . In the next moment, huge blue illusory eyes condensed and formed behind them, staring ahead in the snow dancing .

Martial Soul Fusion technique, Deep Blue Gaze !

When the shock wave hit them, the snowflakes had already absorbed a large amount of the shock wave while being blown away .

After all, the two-color vortex was aimed at the Emerald Demon Bird, so they were only hit by some residual power . For a short while, the shock wave was neutralized by the snowflakes . During these few moments, Deep Blue Gaze was unleashed, and the two-headed apes that had been knocked into the woods had also come out .

Under Deep Blue Gaze’s stare, the bodies of the two-headed bodies froze one by one . An ice layer gradually formed, immobilizing all of them!

When the six two-headed apes all turned into ice sculptures in an instant, even the people on their side could not help but be shocked . What a powerful Martial Soul Fusion technique!

Bing Tianliang roared wildly in his heart, this was really a group control technique . Moreover, it seemed to be stronger than before .

The Emerald Demon Bird was a bird of slaughter, how could it miss such an opportunity?

“Puff puff” . The two-headed ape facing the Emerald Demon Bird saw powerlessly its two heads being penetrated and quickly withered .

With a flash of green light, the Emerald Demon Bird came out of the two heads and did not attack the other uninjured two-headed apes . However it went straight to the one that had already been traumatized by it before . With a “poof”, its remaining head was also penetrated by the Emerald Demon Bird . Killing it on the spot .

“Squeak–” An unwilling scream echoed, and a green light emerged . At the moment when everyone thought that the incomparable Emerald Demon bird was going to continue its attack, it suddenly turned around and flew straight to Qian Lei, “swish”, it disappeared into the summoning door hovering above his head .

Qian Lei said dumbfounded: “It seems to be very dissatisfied and came back early . ”

The attack power of the Emerald Demon Bird shocked everyone, but why did it suddenly return? According to the summoning time, it could last at least ten seconds, and within ten seconds, it was possible to kill two two-headed apes . The defensive power of this two-headed ape obviously could not compete with the Emerald Demon Bird’s might !

But currently, no one had the time to ponder about these . Bing Tianliang had already shot up again, his first soul ability Electric Fusion released . His whole body was filled with electricity . His third soul ability Lightning Flash also was released, which increased his own speed to the extreme . His body was spinning at high speed in the air, and flew straight to a two-headed ape like an electric drill . His fourth soul ability flashed for the third time in a row, allowing him thus to unleash his three great soul skills at the same time .

“Boom–” Lian Bing took the lead, and the two heads of the two-headed ape were blown to pieces .

His figure flickered, and Liu Feng instantly returned to Yu Tian . Rise of the White Dragon into Return of the White Dragon, Yu Tian flew straight to a two-headed ape as if he had grown wings .

Feeling his Modao that had accumulated power to its peak, and his blood gushing under the buff of the golden-patterned blue silver grass, Yutian roared and struck down .

With a sound of “Puff–“, the two-headed ape was split in two from the junction of the two heads!

The blizzard swept through, and currently, there were still two remaining two-headed apes . Then everyone saw Lan Mengqin’s soul rings shining brightly one by one .

First soul ability, Blizzard . Second soul ability, Blizzard Tornado .

Two frozen two-headed apes were sent to the sky, and the ice on their bodies not only did not break open, but became thicker and thicker .

The next moment, Lan Mengqin’s fourth soul ring shone brightly, and her eyes became white instantly . Putting her hands together above her head, a dark blue long sword appeared in her hands .

A dark blue light flashed down, and the light drew a V-shape in the air . The ice layer on the two two-headed apes suddenly detonated and exploded, causing countless wounds in their bodies . The sword reached them at this time, two dark blue rays of light passed over them, and the two two-headed apes were all cut diagonally and dropped from the sky .

Dong Qianqiu fell softly into Lan Xuanyu’s arms . They had poured all of their strength into Deep Blue Gaze just now . Dong Qianqiu had almost exhausted all of her soul power, only her mind could remain sober .

After releasing his fifth soul ability, Yuan En Huihui was also panting . He had already readied his bow and arrow to shoot again, but he did not expect that the battle would have ended in this short period of time .

The blizzard in the sky gradually dissipated, and he landed from the sky, breathing heavily on the ground . Seeing the two-headed ape corpses on the ground, everyone felt relieved .

Looking at each other, gradually, everyone began to smile .

They did it, they actually killed six boss ranked monsters at the same time . Although they were spent, in the end, they still had managed to kill these monsters!

In fact, these six two-headed apes were almost almost as strong as a chief monster individually . They had two abilities and could use the two suns to buff themselves . Once they erupted with full force, it would be extremely difficult for everyone to resist .

Although it seemed like a crushing victory, in fact it was a very close one . The most dangerous moment was when the six two-headed apes attacked simultaneously . If at that moment, they were all attacked by their ability combined with the blue sun and the purple sun . Lan Xuanyu’s group might very well have seen half of its members killed at this moment .

From the two-color vortex that exploded before, one could see that the two-headed ape had a very strong two-colored explosive burst, akin to a Martial Soul Fusion technique .

Lan Xuanyu asked everyone to go all-in right from the beginning, so that they would not give them the opportunity to release this ability . Forcing them to fight separately while at the same time, suppressing them to a certain extent thanks to their control abilities .

The Emerald Demon Bird gave them a pleasant surprise . Its powerful attack took care of one of a two-headed ape, and forced the opponent to use his attack fusioned with the two suns . However, the speed of the Emerald Demon Bird was simply too fast and easily dodged the attack .

At that time, Lan Xuanyu called everyone back, and then released the Deep Blue Gaze crowd control technique .

After that, the Emerald Demon Bird once again showed off its great power and killed two two-headed apes on its own . And the most important point was that it solely relied on its own power to kill the two-headed apes . Thanks to this, everyone understood that the two-headed apes had a very average defense . They were far from being as strong as the boss monsters they had faced before .