Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 375

Chapter 375 – Transforming Ordinary Iron Into A Divine Tool

TL : GoldenLung

Suddenly seeing another person appearing behind him, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but stare blankly . His handsome face, his long blue hair and white suit all made people’s eyes light up . More importantly, an indescribable feeling of kindness and warmth seemed to be released from his smile, enveloping him with an indescribable peace of mind .

“Uncle Le . ” Lan Xuanyu recognized Tang Le at a glance . Even though he hadn’t seen him for a long time, how could he have forgotten Mr . Le’s appearance?

Tang Le smiled and nodded, he raised his hand and patted Lan Xuanyu’s head, “You’ve grown up . ”

His hand was very warm, and its warmth seemed to spread into Lan Xuanyu’s body . But Tang Le got another feeling . He felt that Lan Xuanyu seemed to make him feel particularly at peace, warm, relaxed, and close . The negative emotions that sometimes loomed in his heart completely vanished at this moment .

Lan Xuanyu said excitedly: “Uncle Le, why are you here?” He would never forget the sight of Tang Le destroying a battleship with his bare hands in the middle of space . That scene had really left a deep mark in him, and had even almost made him abandon Interstellar Command .

Tang Le smiled and said, “I came to the Mother planet to perform a concert, and I accidentally felt your aura, so I stopped by to see you . You got admitted to Shrek Academy . I have heard that this was the best academy in the Federation . You’re really great . ”

Lan Xuanyu’s face reddened, “How can I compare to your greatness ? Don ‘t forget that I’ve seen what you did in space that time . You are really so amazing, so amazing!”

Tang Le patted his head again and said, “Study hard and cultivate hard . You can do the same in the future . Were you getting ready to learn forging?”

Lan Xuanyu suddenly remembered what he said just before, “Uncle Le, you just said that a real Divine Blacksmith can turn ordinary iron into a divine tool . What does this mean? Could it be that this ordinary iron ingot can also be forged into a divine tool ? How is this possible? Do you know how to forge ?

Tang Le’s eyes seemed at a loss for a moment, he shook his head lightly, and said, “I don’t know if I can forge, it seems that I can . However, I’m not sure . I just subconsciously said it . Can I try ?”

Lan Xuanyu nodded hurriedly and said, “Of course you can . ” While talking, he picked up the ordinary forging hammer next to him and handed it to Tang Le .

This was just an iron hammer, but the moment Tang Le held the iron hammer in his hand, his whole body trembled slightly . His eyes suddenly exuded a strange brilliance .

Such a familiar feeling ! It was a feeling as if both his body and mind had awakened .

Lan Xuanyu put the iron ingot in the slot on the forging counter, pressed the button, and let it sink into it for calcination . Then he turned his head to look at Tang Le .

He was surprised to find that while Tang Le stood there, looking at the forging hammer silently, a peculiar feeling seemed to permeate his whole body . The ordinary forging hammer seemed to have completely fused with him at this moment .

Tang Le felt his gaze, he raised his head, and said seriously: “I should be able to forge . At least I should have been able to do it before . I’ve forgotten many things, but many of those things have become like instincts to me . Let me have a try, if it goes well, I should be able to recall something . ”

“Yeah, okay . You try first . ” Lan Xuanyu was also very curious . Did Uncle Le really come for him ? Could he feel his aura from far away? And could he also forge? This was really amazing! Uncle Le had specially come to see him . He was a big celebrity . If his mom knew about it, how happy would she have been . Mom was one of his big fans .

The calcination of the iron ingot was much faster than that of rare metals, and they didn’t wait for long . The iron ingot slowly rose from the forging counter and was burnt red .

Tang Le’s gaze moved slightly, staring at the iron ingot, his eyes narrowed slightly, as if he was feeling something silently .

Metal, calcined metal, all this felt so familiar . This iron ingot appeared to be full of impurities, it was the most common kind metal . However, holding a forging hammer in his hand and seeing the forging counter in front of him, this feeling felt really so familiar . It seems that he had faced this countless times before . He even remembered the memory of his hand hurting from the friction caused by the forging hammer’s handle .

Lan Xuanyu stepped back slightly, looking at Tang Le curiously . In the next moment, Tang Le moved .

Without striking any pose beforehand, the heavy forging hammer was like a leaf of grass in his hand, slamming downwards, and went straight to the iron ingot . And at this moment, Lan Xuanyu, who was observing him carefully, only felt that at the moment when Uncle Le lifted the hammer, his whole person seemed to have become transparent .

Yes, it felt like he had become transparent . He couldn’t tell exactly how or why, but that was the feeling he got .


When the forging hammer fell, at the moment it touched the iron ingot, Lan Xuanyu only felt everything lighting up . The iron ingot that had been burnt to dark red had turned golden red in an instant .

Burning hot golden red light erupted, and countless sparks splattered . Amid violent oscillations, the iron ingot had suddenly shrunk to only one-tenth of its previous size .

And just at this moment, a dazzling brilliance burst out, straight into the air . It actually rose several meters high up in the air .

A burst of elation instantly filled the entire forging room, swaying in the wind .

It was an extremely joyful emotion, and this emotion was constantly the air fluctuating around Tang Le’s body . The iron ingot was trembling slowly, maintaining the same rhythm as the air fluctuation .

What’s going on? Lan Xuanyu watched this scene dumbfounded . He had just read the book on the basics of forging and had gained some understanding of forging . However, the scene unfolding before him was completely different from what was described in the book!

Emotion ? Senior Yang Yingming seemed to have said that once forged to a high degree rare metals could display emotions . Once they had emotions, that meant that they had been bestowed with life .

But it was just one strike ! With only one swing of the hammer, this ordinary iron ingot, could it have already been bestowed with life?

Lan Xuanyu didn’t understand, he didn’t understand . However, the facts were before him .

And Tang Le had only struck once . After that, he stood there silently, looking at the iron ingot he had forged, and as if he had remembered something .

Putting down the forging hammer in his hand and making a casual move, the hot iron ingot flew directly into his hand .

Tang Le just squeezed the iron ingot, and it suddenly softened, covering his palm, exuding emotions of cheers and joy .

Vaguely, a low thunder roar sounded in the air . A cloud of air began to circle the room .

Tang Le frowned slightly, and with a wave of his hand, a golden light enveloped Lan Xuanyu, isolating him from the outside world . The iron ingot in his hand was thrown out and turned into a golden red ball .

Suddenly, the surrounding air flow suddenly stagnated, and a deep dragon chant sounded, Tang Le’s eyes suddenly turned golden, and the entire room was covered with the same brilliance .

Lan Xuanyu felt his bloodline vortex in his chest suddenly fluctuate violently, and an indescribable throbbing feeling enveloped his whole person . Especially the rainbow-colored scale on his chest suddenly became very hot, and he almost screamed out of pain from its boiling temperature

At this moment, a four-colored lightning flashed out of the void and struck the iron ingot . A golden light bloomed from it and collided with the four-colored lightning . In an instant, a strange color spread, and the volume of the iron ingot was once again reduced by half .

The air in the room finally calmed down . The iron ingot fell from the sky, and the golden red color on it gradually dissipated, but an indescribable feeling of intelligence still lingered on it, and the silhouette of a small golden dragon floated up, circling back and forth around the iron ingot . Only after landing on the forging counter did the golden dragon quietly vanish .