The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2232

Chapter 2232: An Earthquake Occurred

“How could she do that!”

Li Jianyue was enraged . “That is so disrespectful! It was bad enough that she entered your room without your permission . She had the cheek to go through your drawer and throw your things away? What a poor upbringing she has!”

Quan Jingyi laughed bitterly . “That exactly what I said . ”

Li Jianyue paused her tirade and asked, “What happened next?”

“I tried to reason with her,” Quan Jingyi said, looking nonchalant . He chuckled and added, “But she reacted by tossing all the drawings I had done in secret in front of my father . ”

Li Jianyue felt a fury churning in her stomach . “How could she do that? Your stepmother is so evil!”

Quan Jingyi looked at her as she huffed in anger . He relished in her cute reaction . Chuckling, he asked, “Why are you so angry? It’s not like it happened to you . ”

“Of course, I’m angry! I always knew that stepmothers were bad . But I never expected it to be this bad . Hmph!”

“All right now . You’d better go back to the classroom,” Quan Jingyi told her . He turned and walked down the corridor . With his back facing Li Jianyue, he quickly descended the stairs .

“Where are you going?” Li Jianyue called out, following him . “The lessons for the day aren’t over yet . We have a class with our homeroom teacher later . ”

“I’m taking a walk . ”

“I’ll go with you,” Li Jianyue said as she caught up with him . She stood in front of Quan Jingyi and pressed him, “You have yet to tell me why your father won’t allow you to pursue drawing . ”

Li Jianyue walked backward as she continued questioning Quan Jingyi . “Isn’t your father the Mayor? My dad said that the higher a person’s social status, the more priority he’ll give to harmony in the family and his offspring’s education . Why doesn’t your father value family harmony? And why does he not allow you to draw? Even the teacher said you have talent . If you continue to pursue Art, you might even become an artist someday!”

Li Jianyue had a petite figure . She looked more youthful than the other girls of her age . She gave off a very naïve and innocent vibe and seemed very much like a child .

Quan Jingyi’s heartbeat raced inexplicably . Li Jianyue’s movements were as carefree as a bird . He observed her for a while and slowly looked away . His ears began to feel hot . He struggled to keep a straight face . “My mother was an artist,” he said finally .

“Wow! It’s no wonder that you’re so talented . My mother can play the piano, and she plays it very well . She can cook, too . She even knows many languages and often travels with my dad . She’s amazing . That’s why my brother is also so outstanding . Everything my mother knows, he knows them too . And he also knows everything that my father knows . And then there’s my younger brother . Although he’s a little fat, he’s quite smart . My grandfather said that he would make an excellent spy in the future . His eyes and ears are very sharp . It’s all hereditary! Your mother must have been very talented, and she must have been very beautiful! Li Jianyue said with a giggle . She cocked her head and looked at him while still walking backward .

Quan Jingyi listened to her monologue and asked with a laugh, “Why do you say that?”

“You’re very good looking . I’ve seen your father before . He’s not as good looking as you . You must have got your looks from your mother . ”

Quan Jingyi bit back a smile and nodded his head . “Indeed, my mother was very beautiful and very gentle . But she was very rebellious and bold . Do you know how she died?”

Li Jianyue widened her eyes . She hadn’t expected Quan Jingyi would willingly talk openly about his mother’s death with her . She shook her head and waited for Quan Jingyi to continue .

Quan Jingyi stared into the distance as a breeze blew over and ruffled the wisps of hair on his forehead . It made him look lonely . “When I was three years old,” Quan Jingyi said, “my mother went outdoor to do a sketch, and an earthquake occurred . ”

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