The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 219

Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Just who is this Girl?

Lin Xiyan tugged at Qiao Qing’s arm, “Qingqing, let’s just go . ”

Qiao Qing patted her head gently, “Don’t worry . She can’t fire you . ”

After she spoke, Fu Siying began to laugh out loud, “You sure talk big . You’re an outsider . Where do you gain the confidence to promise her anything?! You really think the director would take your side instead of mine?!”

Just then, Chen Xiaoya came running . Behind her was Shen Jie .

“Siying, the director is here . ”

Fu Siying’s eyes brightened at those words . She walked forward and pointed at Lin Xiyan and Zhang Li, “Director Shen, those two extras are giving me a hard time . Please fire them!”

Then, she pointed at Qiao Qing, “And that person – she’s here even though the filming location isn’t open to the public . Director Shen, please ask her to leave!”

Fu Siying spoke with much confidence as she stared at Qiao Qing arrogantly .

It was as if she could already picture Qiao Qing being chased out .

Shen Jie looked over to Lin Xiyan and Zhang Li expressionlessly . He didn’t agree with nor deny her request .

But when he saw Qiao Qing, he was taken back . The casual look in his eyes completely disappeared and the light in his eyes lit up, “You…”

“Director Shen . ” Qiao Qing’s voice was quiet but it was full of warning .

Shen Jie quickly realized that there were lots of people around so he quickly concealed his excitement .

He extended his arm and made a “welcome” gesture, “We can talk about this in one of the resting rooms . ”

Then, he remembered that Qiao Qing was a girl and her reputation mattered . Plus, his occupation was a sensitive one, so he then added, “Qinghan, you can come as well . ”

Fu Siying, “…”

Everyone at the scene, “…”

“Director Shen!!” Fu Siying was going nuts .

No, more like she thought the whole world’s gone nuts!

“Did you not hear what I said?! I said to fire those two extras and ask her to leave! Don’t tell me you know her as well!”

Everyone else was silent but there was turmoil going on inside their minds .

To be able to attract actor Yi and have director Shen to treat her like an honored guest .

Just who was this girl?

Shen Jie frowned upon hearing Fu Siying’s words, “I have some important matters to deal with right now . Don’t act irrationally!”

Then, he no longer paid attention to how Fu Siyang reacted to his words .

As if he was terrified Qiao Qing would escape, he brought her to one of the private resting rooms . Yi Qinghan, of course, followed .

When the three of them entered the room, Fu Siying kicked one of the props hard, “What a b!tch!”

Everyone there couldn’t help but question whether the normally naive and cute mannered Fu Siying was merely a facade . So it seemed like that was just a character constructed for her public image .

Luckily, the filming location wasn’t open to the public and all the employees there were banned from posting photos online . Or else her carefully crafted character would crumble just like that .

Zhang Li saw how Fu Siying ate her own sh!t and felt greatly satisfied . She couldn’t help but cover her lips and giggle .

Who knew that her smile wouldn’t last long . In the end, with a loud “pia”, she received a hard slap .

“You b!tch dare to laugh at me?! Why don’t you take a piss and take a look at your own reflection?! You think you get to stay just because the director knows her?! How laughable! I sure what to see if she can protect you or not!”

Inside the resting room .

Shen Jie excitedly served a cup of tea to Qiao Qing . With his eyes squinted into a smile, he asked, “Ms . Qiao, are you here today for me (✪▽✪)?!”

Qiao Qing, “…”

Yi Qinghan, “…”