Chapter 590: 590

The Snake Form had always been a very popular boxing technique since ancient times . Many people believed that the essence of the Snake Form Fists lay in its unexpected line of attack but the Six Stars of Sacred Martial Hall knew that the true essence of the Snake Form Fists was just one thing, speed! Generally, a snake didn’t move that fast but when it attacked, it was as fast as a bolt of lightning!

 Qin Fen’s attack had brought out the essence of the Snake Form Fist to the extreme . The faces of the other five members of the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall turned stiff at the sight of this . When have they not taken on all the challengers in one breath alone? But they didn’t expect that this miracle creator of the Sacred Martial Hall would bring his usual fighting style to here directly .

 Thinking back to that year and then, look at today, the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall still found it somewhat unbelievable . The young martial artist who looked particularly outstanding back then had now reached this level .

 If someone had said that such a thing would happen today, the Six Stars would have surely laughed it off as a madman’s talk .  But how did this happen?

 Bogut returned back to the room through the big hole in the wall, a gloomy look on his face . Looking at the floor riddled with countless cracks, at the floor that might break down any moment, he said slowly, “Who would have thought that you would have become so strong . One-on-one, I’m not your opponent . If there is any Star Lord who still believes that he or she could take Qin Fen alone, then, you are most welcome . ”

 The other five stars of the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall exchanged looks with each other . It was quite apparent that they weren’t any better than each other . Qin Fen’s strength might already be infinitely close to the Great Galaxy Level which was the pinnacle of the Galaxy-Level peak, it was just one step away from striding into the divine-beast level!?

 As to how to take this one last step? Their eyes were still filled with doubt . There were many people in the world who were just one step away from entering the Great Galaxy Level, the divine beast level . Rumors had it that Saturn’s Jade Emperor and Tathagata were only one step away . Who among the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall wasn’t just one step away?

 When one’s martial art had entered the Galaxy Level, it was a whole new world . When one had entered the twenty-star level and had finally practiced the Heaven Aura Energy with the development of their martial dao, they could say that they had entered the peak of the Galaxy Level . The Great Galaxy Level of the divine beast martial artist was just one step away from this level .

 If one was unable to take this step, he or she would always remain at the peak of the Galaxy Level no matter how abundant their Heaven Aura Energy had grown .

 In general, a twenty-two-star level galaxy-level heaven aura energy expert would still be called a peak galaxy-level expert . Of course, there were exceptions, such as Saturn’s Jade Emperor, Tathagata, as well as, the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall . From the perspective of the divine beast level martial artists, they were no longer peak twenty-two-star level galaxy-level martial artists, rather they were the peak above the peak, twenty-three-star level heaven aura energy expert!

 Such a powerful expert was really enviable to outsiders . But the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall, on the other hand, felt deeply ashamed and helpless regarding this . Because Venus’ White Tiger had stepped directly into the ranks of divine beasts not long after entering the twenty-two-star level .

 All these years, the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall had believed that all the martial artists below the divine beasts in the world should respect the six of them and the two experts of Saturn .

 But this self-confidence was thoroughly shaken by Qin Fen’s Snake Form Fists .

 It was almost impossible to win in a one-on-one or two-on-one situation . Maybe they have the chance to win in a six-on-one situation! In a flash, the six’s hearts and minds connected as they scattered around, surrounding Qin Fen in the center quickly .

 Everyone wanted to win . It was not that the stronger one grew, the more indifferent they were to victory and defeat . On the contrary, the stronger one was, the more he was persistent to win! If one didn’t even have the desire to win, how would he or she have the motivation to improve their martial strength?

 Pursue the acme of martial arts!? Why would anyone want to pursue the acme of martial arts? In this world, how many people were really crazy just about martial arts?

 Ma Juntie watched this sudden situation in a daze . The six were the strongest members of the Sacred Martial Hall, albeit almost . But much to his surprise and dismay, they were teaming up to fight with his Master . He didn’t even dare to think that such a thing would happen even in his dreams!

 “Thank you so much for helping me . ” Qin Fen, standing in the center, extended his hand slightly to either side as he said with a solemn look on his face, “When I look back after walking all the way on this road of martial arts, I realized how lucky I was . From an ordinary recruit, I have reached this level step by step . But at the same time, I could not help but lament because I suddenly discovered something . It turns out there were many more lucky people than me in this world! I think that Seniors have their fair share of luck to have today’s achievement, am I right?”

 The Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall nodded their agreement without uttering a single word . It was very difficult for outsiders to understand the hardships of martial dao . If they didn’t have their fair share of chances and coincidences, it would be difficult to stand at this height today .

 “Ever since I entered the realm of heaven aura energy, I have always been thinking, is this the limit of martial dao? Is all that left is to raise my star-class?” Qin Fen shook his head . “No . Later I found out that this wasn’t the case . There should be another step after heaven aura energy! If one took this step, he or she should be a divine beast martial artist, right?”

 The Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall had a change in their expression simultaneously . They had only come to understand this after having painstakingly pondered on this matter for many years . But a young man like Qin Fen immediately started thinking instead of getting excited just after entering the heaven aura energy realm!? This kid is really a martial arts genius who can infer everything from just one instance .

 “What’s above heaven aura?” Qin Fen placed his hand on his chin and spoke calmly as if he didn’t notice that the six were ready to attack him at any moment . “I have asked myself this very question for a long time and suddenly, I understood . Everyone’s martial dao is different but why does everyone’s True Inborn Blood Transfusion Rebirth the same, the Greater Inborn Nirvana Marrow Transformation the same? The same human aura, earth aura, and heaven aura? Different martial, different martial artists should have their own type of energy . ”


 Shouting and interrupting Qin Fen’s speech forcefully, Bogut interlocked his fingers with each other tightly as the energy of the Nuclear Fusion Fists rose geometrically after being pressed by the clasped palms together .

 One after another, fierce heaven aura energy broke out from everyone’s body, breaking through the walls of the room together . The Japanese Martyrdom Star interlocked her arms before her, again and again, as she grabbed the initiative to attack first with threads of extremely soft heaven aura energy .

 The Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall were perfectly clear that QIn Fen’s words had touched extremely high levels of martial arts . Usually, one had to look at the opponent’s martial arts foundation .

 But at this moment, it was not the time to understand each other’s martial arts foundation . Qin Fen’s words have a subtle hint that he had understood or was about to understand the last step, which everyone usually discussed and occasionally studied with Wu Zun .  My own and unique energy!

 Whether it was the human aura, earth aura, or heaven aura, all was the same for every martial artist . This was also the real peak of the Galaxy Level . If one wanted to become a divine beast, one needed to be different from the rest, one needed to be unique!

 Only when one had his own unique energy could be said to have entered the Great Galaxy Level . Otherwise, one’s star-class would always remain Galaxy Level no matter how much stronger one had become .

 As this realm was too profound and abstruse, not many martial artists in the world knew that there was a Great Galaxy Level above the Galaxy Level, which was also the level of aura of the divine beast martial artists . And because of this, the rumor had it that Song Wendong, Qilin was a Galaxy Level expert .

 The ordinary people didn’t know why but the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall were quite clear that every martial artist who had entered the Great Galaxy Level had his own aura . Earth Martial God, Song Wendong had his Qilin Sacred Energy and the Sacred Martial Hall’s Wu Zun had his unique energy known as Firmament Energy .

 Qin Fen’s few words had almost reached the crux . The Six Stars were afraid that if he continued, he would say, “My unique energy is…”

 If the situation had come to that, the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall would not even have the spirit to make a move! They must spar with him at least once no matter what level Qin Fen had reached! Even if they were defeated, they would still have the heart to call it an experience! But if Qin Fen was allowed to lay out everything in the open, they would not even have the spirit to even make a move, would there be any meaning to talk about anything else then?

 The six peak-level experts made their moves simultaneously . In a flash, the Sacred Martial Tower was riddled with holes . Immediately, the entire Sacred Martial Tower burst and collapsed with a wave of Wu Zun’s hand . He watched the ongoing battle with a smile hanging on his lips while defending Ma Juntie .

 The martial dao of Japanese Martyrdom Star might be soft but she wasn’t slow at all . There was no real difference between the speed of soft and hard martial dao, the only difference was between people who were using the martial dao .

 In the blink of an eye, the Martyrdom Star arrived before Qin Fen with a twist of her body and set off a drilling whirlwind at Qin Fen’s throat as she unwinded her coiled arms back, using the move called Wind Snake Rounds the Tree .

 Qin Fen tightened his fingers before he raised his hand and clasped towards Martyrdom Star’s wrist, dancing his fingers in a never-ending manner . All of a sudden, claws had overshadowed Martyrdom Star’s vision, claw after claw, like a life cycle, passing down the torch forever and ever!

 Annihilation Claw! Martyrdom Star hurriedly retracted her arm, her heart in a turmoil . ‘This claw is cycling between life and death, it can go on forever . Its caster has already broken through the galaxy-level martial dao and has touched a higher realm . ’

 “You want to escape now?” Qin Fen’s figure remained unshakable . Applying a bit of force through his toes, Qin Fen’s fingers holding her wrist exerted the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art force of ten dragons and ten elephants, throwing her directly at Bogut .

 Qin Fen’s one move had forced the other four stars to halt their attack at the same time . As they hovered in the air, they could not help but stare blankly at Qin Fen, who was no longer taking any action .

 Everyone was an expert among experts . Qin Fen had broken everyone’s joint attack with just one move . If they kept on going, they could only exchange a few more moves with, that’s all . Today, Qin Fen might not be a divine beast martial artist but he was definitely the strongest one standing at the peak of the Galaxy Level .

 “Very good!” Giving slight praise, Wu Zun threw Ma Juntiein his hand to a Thai and floated through the encirclement of the Six Stars of the Sacred Martial Hall, making his way towards Qin Fen .

 “The person you are really looking for is me, right?”

 Qin Fen cupped his fist and bent his waist as he nodded his affirmation . “Senior, please help me . ”

 He wants to challenge Wu Zun! The Six Stars drew a breath of cold air at the same time . To their surprise, Qin Fen’s true target for coming here wasn’t Six Stars, but Wu Zun instead! Wu Zun, the strongest expert of the Sacred Martial Hall, who was known to have the strength of a divine beast martial artist .

 “Very good, I have been waiting for this day for a long time . ” Wu Zun looked up, looking at the dazzling sun without any fear, all there was was a look of fascination . “You will also look for Qilin this time, right? This time, I have met you before him, I guess that Old Foggy will be jealous!?”

 Qilin!? The Six Stars looked at Qin Fen, a strange look in their eyes . These series of shocks had almost rendered them frozen, making them directly plummet from the sky .

 “Since you came for me today, I will serve you well . ” Suddenly, the expression on Wu Zun’s face changed, revealing an aura unique only to him on his peaceful and handsome face . It seemed as if he could tear the sky apart with just a wave of his hand . The aura of power of heaven and earth slowly spread out from his body, bit by bit . “I named my unique energy as Firmament Energy . I formed my martial body by seizing the strength of the firmament!”