The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss! - Chapter 114

Chapter 114

In the living room .

Shi Sui opened a can of cat food for Xiao Naofu, who had its head buried in the bowl within seconds .


The man’s slender fingers stroked the back of the cat’s neck . Xiao Naofu stuck out its butt in protest but accidentally fell to the ground with a ‘thump’ and a cute ‘meow’ .


Xiang Yu the Plush Addict clenched his fist and forced himself to remain calm .

‘Ah ah ah such a cute cat… I can pet it ’til it turns bald!’


However, he had an expression of “noble, glamorous, and dismissive . ”

When the food was on the table, Xiao Naofu leapt into Xiang Yu’s arms and stuck out half its head .

Although the canned food was delicious, it had been curious about human food since it tried the beef sirloin Xiang Yi had given it .

The small fleshy paws clawed at Xiang Yu’s plate, hoping for a taste of the braised vegetables he had picked up…

“Xiao Naofu!” Xiang Yi’s voice rang out, scaring Xiao Naofu as it burrowed deeper into Xiang Yu’s chest .

Xiang Yi: “Big brother, it can’t eat spicy food . Don’t feed it . ”

Xiao Naofu meowed coquettishly . “Meow~ meow~~”

Xiang Yu: “…”

It was his sister on one side, the kitty on the other…

Being a man is so hard T_T

The comment section:

— [Hahaha Simao brother’s disheveled expression is so cute]

— [Why is the Vase Fairy so stingy? What’s wrong with feeding the cat a bit of yummy food?]

— [Hey, do you know that cats will get sick if they eat too much salt and could even die from eating too much stimulating food?]


Xiang Yu hesitated for several seconds before wisely stuffing the cat to Shi Sui .

Sorry, brother Shi!

Xiao Naofu had a natural resistance toward Shi Sui as it kicked its little feet in the air, dissatisfied .

Shi Sui lowered his eyes and smiled slightly . “If you try to steal my food, I will…” He raised his eyebrows . “I’ll kiss you, do you understand?”

Xiao Naofu: …!!

Ah ah ah this stinky man is so evil!

The chat in the stream exploded .

  — [Blessings like this exist?!]

  — [I’ll eat it, I’ll eat it . Hubby, you can kiss me!!!]

  — [I don’t know who I should envy… Shedding sour tears of lemon essence in front of my screen]


Shi Sui picked up a piece of braised beef and waved it in front of Xiao Naofu .

Xiao Naofu, bearing the burden of humiliation… turned away .

Xiang Yu was stunned as he watched . He didn’t think that the problem that he couldn’t solve had been resolved by brother Shi so easily!

But looking at the way Xiao Naofu hung its head, he felt an unbearable pang in his chest as he sat through the entire meal absentmindedly .

After the meal .

Xiang Yu shooed away the cameraman and went to coax Xiao Naofu, holding a piece of dried fish .

“Xiao Naofu, I’m sorry it’s my fault . It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but we must listen to my sister . ”

“Okay, okay, don’t be angry . Come, eat dried fish . ”

“That’s good… Eat slowly, there’s no rush ‘kay…”


Xiang Yu had assumed that without the cameraman, the stream viewers wouldn’t see him .

However, he was not aware that Li Jianyu and the other crew members had installed affixed cameras in the bedroom, kitchen, summer pavilion, and other places…

This scene provoked the laughter of countless viewers .

 — [Hahaha does he not know there’s a fixed camera there?]

 — [I’m going to laugh my head off . My girlfriend just said that iron men are not good at coaxing people, but that’s not true: he just doesn’t want to coax you!]

 — [Smog is like my dad: every time my mom yells at me, he doesn’t dare speak, but then he’ll sneak behind her back to comfort me hahaha]


The satiated Xiao Naofu was lying on its back, pawing its own tail .

Xiang Yu looked down, and after confirming that nobody was watching, happily rubbed his face on the cat’s belly .

Nani?? The esports legend… also loves cats??!

The netizens: [I didn’t think you were like that Simao bro!!]