The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2092

Chapter 2092: Seven Divine Techniques

The outsiders were also filled with curiosity about the young people in Four Corner Village .

They might possess extraordinary talents themselves, but so did the young men in Four Corner Village who could cultivate . The number of cultivators who came from Four Corner Village in the Shangqing Domain was relatively small, but all of them had gained considerable fame .

Among the countless cultivators, one in ten million might come to be a Renhuang . The chance of becoming a prominent cultivator in the Shangqing Domain was infinitesimal . Nevertheless, such a small village had produced several distinguished Renhuangs who were well known in the Shangqing Domain . This was definitely a land of miracles .

There were plenty of rumors circling about this village . The top forces in the Shangqing Domain all had some connections with Four Corner Village . They had been keeping a close eye on the situation inside the village . Of course, they would like to see what these young men were capable of .

Muyun Shu, in particular, was from the Muyun family of Four Corner Village . He had an older brother who was a powerful figure in the Outer Realms .

Outsiders had shown up in all directions on the street . They were all enjoying the exciting sight with an ambiguous smile . After all, it was only a group of teenagers .

“I can do it,” Tie Tou turned around and said to Ye Futian, Beigong Ao, and others . Ye Futian recognized the determination in Tie Tou’s eyes and nodded to him . Beigong Ao also pulled back .

Ye Futian raised his head and scanned the crowd gathered around them . He immediately noticed that none of them was common folks . These people acted like commoners in the village without raising any attention or suspicion . They didn’t reveal their abilities here, while in fact, they were all renowned cultivators outside .

Nevertheless, the villagers were not interested in them or impressed by their reputation . Since these people were living in Four Corner Village, they had to follow the rules of the village .

Muyun Shu himself wasn’t eager to fight . Instead, the two people by his side walked toward Tie Tou . Infuriated, Tie Tou stood in place like a fierce beast . As young as he was, he had formidable energy surging on his body which gave an idea of his strength .


The two young men launched the first attack . They rushed toward Tie Tou with all haste like two bolts of lightning . One of them was flashing with silver light, and the other sounded like the howling wind . They reached Tie Tou from both directions at the same time . One person pushed his hand forward while the other made a chopping motion as though he was using his hand as a blade . As they released their power, a faint and grating sound echoed in the air . Their attacks fell upon Tie Tou simultaneously .

Bang . At this moment, Tie Tou emitted brilliant golden light from his body . As his burly figure became golden and shone brightly, it seemed like the divine light of the Great Path was glowing on him . The attacks from the two young men hit him but only made a crisp sound . He took a few steps back .

Tie Tou opened his arms and then stamped forward abruptly . Even the stone tiles on the ground cracked . A terrifying golden storm formed around them . With his arms open, Tie Tou rushed forward and smashed the two young men in their chests . The two boys were pushed back immediately and fell hard on the ground . Blood streamed down from the corner of their mouths .


Tie Tou stamped his foot again . Countless golden rings of light began to wrap around his body from the top and encased him like a shell . The onlookers narrowed their eyes and watched the golden divine light descending from the void above .

It was the energy of the Great Path .

He was only a teenager who hadn’t comprehended the power of the Great Path, nor did he understand how to utilize it . Nonetheless, he was born with the energy of the Great Path . Even the cultivators from the top forces felt jealous of his gifts .

“Wonderful,” someone said in a low voice . They had become immensely interested in a brawl between some teenagers . Four Corner Village surely deserved its reputation .

They started to understand why the cultivators who came from Four Corner Village could advance so fast .

The villagers were blessed by the Great Path yet were also cursed by it . Few of them truly reached the pinnacle in the end .

“Come on!” Tie Tou glared at Muyun Shu in front of him and shouted .

Muyun Shu stood still and stared at Tie Tou, his eyes filled with impudence and arrogance . Then, he walked over to Tie Tou, step by step . Looking at the golden rings of light coming from the void above, he thought to himself, “I really underestimated Tie Tou . He has made quite some progress indeed . No wonder the teacher praised him . ”


Muyun Shu also gave off a brilliant golden light . The more frightening thing was that a magnificent pattern appeared behind Muyun Shu and started to display scary spectacles .

It was a Golden-Winged Giant Peng Bird . Each of its feathers looked like a dazzling divine sword . The Golden-Winged Giant Peng Bird spread its wings as though it was hovering and soaring in the pattern . There were other big demon beasts as well — Kylin, Taotie, demonic dragon, and phoenix . But all the big demon beasts were slaughtered and annihilated wherever the Golden-Winged Giant Peng Bird flew by as though it was the king of all the demonic beasts .

“It’s the Picture of the Domineering Golden Peng Bird . ” Everyone’s eyes were glued to the scene . The Muyun family had the Life Spirit of the Golden-Winged Giant Peng Bird and could form the horrifying Picture of the Domineering Golden Peng Bird by birth . The cultivator from the Muyun family living in the Outer Realms had killed many of his peers on the strength of that .

Rumor had it that there were seven Supreme Divine Techniques hidden in the Divine Relic in Four Corner Village . One of them owned the Muyun family . Three were each owned by three different families . One was lost outside and taken by a top force in the Outer Realms . And the last two were still unknown to the world so far .

It was also why cultivators from all around the Shangqing Domain came to Four Corner Village ceaselessly over the years . On top of that, the visitors were all remarkable geniuses from top forces . Ordinary folks didn’t even have a chance to come here .

A young man like Muyun Shu could already summon such an extraordinary phenomenon . It was indeed a natural gift that made people envy .

Buzz! A whirlwind abruptly swept this area . Two feathered wings became visible behind Muyun Shu as though he had transformed into a young Golden-Winged Peng Bird . Flapping his wings, Muyun Shu vanished into thin air .

Tie Tou had a serious look on his face . He certainly knew how powerful Muyun Shu was . Muyun Shu was one of the best students of the teacher . Moreover, the Muyun family enjoyed a much higher status in Four Corner Village than his . That was why Muyun Shu was so haughty and insolent .

Bang! Tie Tou stamped the ground and smashed the stone tiles . He charged forward and raised his arm to throw a punch . However, a flash of golden divine light appeared, and the young Golden-Winged Peng Bird popped up in the sky above . Muyun Shu’s body hovered in midair . He lowered his head and looked down at Tie Tou’s figure below, said, “You’re too slow . ”


Before his voice away, he dove down, drawing a golden arc with his body . Tie Tou looked up and threw another forceful punch at him . Nevertheless, he felt like he only hit the void . The next moment, Muyun Shu’s golden wings slashed at Tie Tou . With a scraping sound, Tie Tou felt a sharp pain and was flung away .

He fell on the ground, and the rings of golden light wrapped around his body were torn apart . He had a bad gash on his back that kept bleeding . Clenching his teeth, Tie Tou bore the pain and didn’t say a word .

“Tie Tou!” Little Ling rushed over to him and helped him up . Tie Tou’s bloodshot eyes were fixed on Muyun Shu, who was still hovering in midair . Muyun Shu spread his wings open like a young, arrogant war god .

Ye Futian didn’t intercede and had been watching them quietly . He witnessed what Muyun Shu was capable of and began to understand why he was so conceited . The young man certainly had his reason to feel good about himself . Judging by Muyun Shu’s performance just now, he was definitely one of the best cultivators of his age in the entire Divine Prefecture, let alone the small Four Corner Village . The top forces would fight hard for a genius like him .

Even so, Ye Futian detested Muyun Shu’s character . The young man didn’t even show any mercy to his homeboy . Ye Futian had no doubt that Muyun Shu would use lethal force if allowed .

“You know the result now . That’s enough,” said Ye Futian .

Muyun Shu turned his head and darted a disdainful look at Ye Futian . Then he turned back to Tie Tou and spoke, “You have to ask him . Tie Tou . I will let you off if you make way for me whenever you see me in the future . ”

“In your dream!” Tie Tou stood up, his eyes blazing . Ye Futian stepped forward, but someone said, “It’s none of your business . You should stay out of Four Corner Village’s affairs . ”

Ye Futian glanced at the man speaking . He was obviously an outsider as well .

Ye Futian didn’t care and kept going forward . He went to Tie Tou’s side and said to Muyun Shu, “You’re schoolmates with each other . A sparring session is enough . ”

“F*ck off!” Muyun Shu scoffed at Ye Futian in a contemptuous tone .

“Mind your own business,” someone else warned Ye Futian . Chen Yi surveyed the crowd and found this place more and more interesting .

“Uncle Ye, I can still fight . ” Tie Tou’s eyes were tinged with blood . He stepped forward and glared at Muyun Shu . “Don’t think too highly of yourself . ”

Then, he unleashed even more intense energy from his body . Beams of frightening golden divine light shone brilliantly .

“Tie Tou . ”

At this moment, a voice interrupted him . A blind man walked over to them from afar . It was Blind Tie, the owner of the blacksmith shop .

“Dad . ” Tie Tou looked in the direction of the voice .

“Come back with me,” said Blind Tie . Tie Tou shot a look at Muyun Shu, unwilling to give up . However, he had no choice since his father was standing next to him . He lowered his head and said to Little Ling, “Little Ling, I’m going back now . ”

“Okay . ” Little Ling nodded . Tie Tou walked toward his father .

Blind Tie turned around and left while Tie Tou quietly followed behind . Muyun Shu looked at them and said, “It’s not over yet . ”

Blind Tie stopped and turned around to face Muyun Shu . Muyun Shu had a strange feeling that he was being stared at by a fierce beast, even though it was a blind man that couldn’t actually see . To his surprise, he was ill at ease as fear rose in him .

“Let’s go . ” Blind Tie turned back and left with Tie Tou . Muyun Shu didn’t stop them this time . He just stared at their receding figures with his frosty eyes .

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