Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart - Chapter 110

Chapter 110: 110

Long Yang’s eyes fell onto her soft, pinkish little face and his gaze lingered for a moment . He noticed her hair was messy from being blown by the wind and reached out naturally to help her smoothen it down .

Lu Liangwei’s head fell even lower when she noticed the man’s actions .

She was not used to a man who was not a family member touching her head .

While her mind was running haywire, a cloak, which still had the warmth of its previous owner, was placed on her .

“You just went through some cold wind . Put this on first, lest you catch a cold . ”

At that, the man’s long, slender fingers were already pulling on the strings of the cloak . It looked like he was trying to help her tighten it .

Lu Liangwei wanted to make him stop, but she swallowed the words . She quickly moved away from his hands and said in a low voice, “Thank you, Your Majesty, but this humble servant of yours should do this on her own . ”

She tightened the strings clumsily and turned back, only to see the man in the straw hat standing at the side, staring at her in astonishment .

Her face burned and she quickly walked a few steps away, distancing herself from Long Yang .

A vague smile could be seen shining in his eyes, but when he turned toward the man in the straw hat, the smile vanished . He looked stern as an intimidating aura could be emanating from him . “Chu Yi, what are you dreaming about? Scout the road ahead . ”

“Yes, Master,” Chu Yi pulled his gaze away and replied respectfully . However, he continued mumbling internally to himself about why his master had started acting in such a gentle way toward a woman .

The scene he had witnessed had truly astounded him .

Not only did his master hug a lady, but he had also gently helped tighten a cloak around her .

Was this really the same master who avoided women like the plague, the man who made decisive killings, the leader who employed tyrannic and vicious tactics?

A chill came over Chu Yi at the thought of this .

He suspected he was suffering from hallucinations . How could someone like his master ever be so gentle toward a woman?

When Lu Liangwei heard the conversation between Long Yang and Chu Yi, she realized that they had arrived at the foot of Sacred Hillock Peak .

Lu Liangwei took out some medicinal powder from her bag as she gazed at the tall mountain in front of her, and spread it all over herself .

“What are you doing?” Long Yang asked .

“It’s a medicinal powder I made myself . It’s useful for driving off insects and snakes . You should spread some on yourself too . ”

“Very well . ” Long Yang nodded slightly .

Lu Liangwei wanted to hand the powder pack to him, but he simply stood there motionlessly . Even though he was trying to hide that powerful intimidating aura about him, it came too naturally to him . He did not need to do anything and one would already notice the natural air about him that informed one of his nobility .

She hesitated, and eventually opened up the medicinal pack and spread the powder all over him .

“It’s done,” she said casually after a few moments as she stowed away the medicinal pack .

Long Yang noted that her eyes were lowered, as if she was reluctant to help apply the medicinal powder on him . His lips curved upward very slightly .

This little lady may look gentle and obedient, but she was in fact quite a stubborn thing .

“Let’s go,” he said coolly,  taking the lead as he walked ahead .

Lu Liangwei did not dare to cause any delay, quickly following behind him .

Sacred Hillock Peak was known to be an extremely dangerous place, which had a reputation that turned away many who were interested to explore it . However, there were some who were willing to take the risk for the sake of miracle medicines and rare beasts .

The three entered Sacred Hillock Peak . The outskirts were easy enough as the woods were not too thick, but as they ventured deeper, the forest quickly got thicker . It was almost covering the sky as the trees blocked any light from shining in . This gave the forest a dark and creepy feel .

Within the thick forest, some scattered bones could even be vaguely seen .

Lu Liangwei clenched her fingers .

It seemed like Sacred Hillock Peak was much more dangerous than she had imagined .

Those bones must be remnants of explorers of this place .

Just then, there was a rustling sound . Chu Yi immediately stood in front of Long Yang and Lu Liangwei . There was a look of grim seriousness on his face, in stark contrast to his previously bumbling demeanor .