Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 793

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Chapter 793: Honest Body

She just could not understand. He was just an uncle. On what basis could he behave so domineeringly, arrogantly, and be so strict with the mother and son?

Jun Shiyan was also very happy inwardly. Although Huo Ci treated him with disdain, being able to eat with the young lady and their son was his biggest and most extravagant wish this year. He had not expected it to happen in such a strange way.

Therefore, it was such a coincidence. He did not know if this situation was fortunate or unfortunate. If Xiaoqi and Sister Yu had not been hospitalized, Xiaoqi and Sheng Sheng would definitely have gone back to the Huo Family to celebrate the new year. Sister Yu might have also celebrated the Lunar New Year with someone else, so they would not have been able to get together even if they wanted to.

To Ling Sheng’s surprise, her father did not find fault with her in all sorts of weird ways, nor did he speak or act excessively. Perhaps it was because it was New Year’s Eve; he could not possibly be angry all year round. Besides, he had personally agreed to let Auntie Yu and the Third Master come.

Before dinner, she had specifically reminded her son not to pick up food for anyone at the dining table. He should put in all his energy to pick up food for his grandpa and cheer him up. As long as he was happy, everyone present would have a good time.

Xiaoqi was a clever child. He did not pick up any food for anyone but Huo Ci. He even chose Huo Ci’s favorite food specially; he was diligent and filial.

Huo Ci’s vanity was greatly satisfied, and he was very happy to be served. It seemed like he had not doted on this little brat for nothing. He even found scumbag Old Jun a lot more pleasing to the eye.

Jun Shiyan and Ling Sheng were separated by Huo Ci and Xiaoqi. However, even if they were sitting together, they would not dare do anything at the dining table.

The Spring Festival Gala was still ongoing, and the dining table was right in front of the television. They could watch the gala while eating. After Huo Ci’s anger dissipated, the atmosphere became very comforting.

Jun Shiyan and Nangong Lengyu’s stomachs were not good, so they could not eat much, especially Nangong Lengyu. Her appetite was small to begin with, and she did not have much appetite because she had been sick and had to lie on the bed. She was full before she had eaten much, so she became the person barbecuing food exclusively.

Ling Sheng realized that her father was stubborn. When he ate, he did not eat from the hotpot cooked by the Third Master. He only ate Auntie Yu’s roasted meat. He could eat as much as she barbecued and he even did it very naturally.

Look, look. Although he was stubborn to voice his true feelings, his body was still very honest. Didn’t he hate her? Why did he eat only the meat that she barbecued?

On the other hand, Nangong Lengyu had not noticed that Huo Ci was always eating the meat. One reason was because she had ignored him, but the other reason was that her attention was all on Ling Sheng and Xiaoqi.

While she was barbecuing the meat, she still had to help Ling Sheng and Xiaoqi pick up some roasted meat. Moreover, Xiaoqi liked to eat the roasted meat she had wrapped up in raw greens, so she fed it to Xiaoqi specifically.

Onlookers saw things clearly, while those involved did not. Jun Shiyan also realized that. when Sister Yu was too busy, he would help her flip the meat occasionally.

However, Huo Ci only ate Sister Yu’s roasted meat. Huo Ci would never eat the ones Jun Shiyan had touched before and was very picky.

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They ate and played at the barbecue-cum-hotpot for nearly two whole hours. The gala was ending in an hour.

Huo Ci was a chauvinist. Upon seeing Jun Shiyan put on an apron and clean everything up busily, he actually felt very pleased. He even took a photo on his phone and sent it to his group chat of brothers to show off.

Wasn’t that scumbag Jun Shiyan usually arrogant? Now, he still had to wait on him, so Huo Ci felt great. If he could post on Weibo and let the whole country know, he felt that he would be even happier.

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