Wife is Fierce Don’t Mess With Her! - Chapter 632

Chapter 632: 632

Chapter 632: Carefree Days

Gu Shouyan was saying it as it is .

For Ella’s situation, if Gu He wasn’t in the country, they could only leave her in the care of either Gu Shouyan or Gu Hong’s family .

But wouldn’t it be a torment for them?

Gu Shouyan definitely wouldn’t agree to it .

“In the past, I felt that Qingjiu would always be an outsider no matter how you raise her . But now, under comparison, Qingjiu is sensible and capable . ”

Gu Hong: “…”

Gu He: “…”

Gu He looked towards his older brother with envy . “Say, both of us adopted daughters . Why is the contrast so stark?”

Gu Hong revealed a rare chuckle . “I guess it depends on affinity . But you have to handle Ella’s matter properly . You know that things could get troublesome otherwise . After all, you’ve raised that child for so many years . Surely there’s some kinship there?”

“I just fear that if she continues behaving this way, it will destroy the last of that kinship . ”

While the trio was discussing, Gu Qingjiu and her family returned home first .

In the car, Gu Qingmo said, “What is wrong with that Ella? If it weren’t because she is my cousin, I would have scolded her . ”

Qi Yuefeng rolled her eyes at Gu Qingmo . “As a big boy, aren’t you embarrassed to be so calculative with a little girl?”

“She was insulting my younger sister . Mom, you have no idea how nasty that Ella’s words were . She said the way Qingjiu eats is so brutish it’s as though she’s never eaten anything in her entire life . Are you able to tolerate that?”

Qi Yuefeng paused . “Did she say that?”

“Why else do you think I got so mad?”

Qin Wange placed a hand on Gu Qingjiu’s arm and comforted him with a smile . “Alright, Qingmo, stop it . Qingjiu’s not even angry about it . ”

Gu Qingjiu pursed her lips . “I’m a patient . ”

“I haven’t even told you off about your injury!”

Qi Yuefeng pointed at Gu Qingjiu and said, “But it seems like the last time your father went overseas . It was about Ella’s matter . ”

“Ella’s matter?”

Gu Qingmo, who was at the wheel, asked in a puzzled tone .

“Right, your dad said that Gu He intends to send Ella back to her biological parents . They’ve raised her for so many years and surely must feel a kinship for her . Why are they thinking of sending her back?”

The three youngsters exchanged gazes .

They thought more deeply than Qi Yuefeng and instantly understood the reason .

Gu Qingmo said, “Young Uncle isn’t able to tolerate Ella in certain matters?”

“No idea . Your great aunt and dad will handle this . You kids should stay out of this,” Qi Yuefeng reminded .

Gu Qingjiu said with a chuckle, “Mom, we didn’t intend to meddle in this . It’s more important for you to stay out of this . ”

“Why would I meddle in it?”

Although Gu Qingjiu said she would change her wound dressing when they reached home, she didn’t dare to show them her wound .

After making up some excuse, she escaped to her room, then secretly changed her wound dressing inside .

At night, as there were quite many people at home, Qi Yuefeng made Gu Qingmo, Gu Qingjiu, and the few of them sleep at a hotel .

Early the next morning, Gu Qingjiu ate breakfast outside before rushing back home . When she got back, she then learned that Gu Hong and Gu He and his family had taken a flight to the capital .

Gu Shouyan also went with them .

It was said that they were going there to attend to some matter .

Likely it had something to do with Ella’s matter .

Great Aunt had left Xiaoxi behind for the time being and asked Qi Yuefeng to take care of her .

Qin Wange and Gu Qingmo didn’t stay long at home before leaving because the two of them now had to work and weren’t that free .

After pretty much everyone left, Gu Qingjiu, Gu Xiaoxi, and Qi Yuefeng were left at home .

Such carefree days were rare .

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