You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1523

Chapter 1523: 1523

Chapter 1523: He Is My Son (96)

“Uh huh?”

“Idol, you’re not ugly at all . ”

Mo Xicheng: …

Smiling unconsciously, he said, “Is there anything that your parents might like?”

Shi Nianyao quickly said, “Mom loves flowers . Lilies, roses, lavender and whatnots, she likes them all . So it’s good if you get her flowers . ”

“And your dad?”

“Dad loves Mom . ”

Mo Xicheng: …

Shi Nianyao explained, “It’s true . Dad came from a poor family and he built his own empire from scratch . Later on, he married my adorable Mom . When he was younger, he experienced all sorts of hardship so he doesn’t really care about small things . The one thing he loves most is Mom! So if you make her happy, then the problem’s solved!”

Mo Xicheng: …

Why did he feel, for the first time, that Shi Nianyao was just slightly unreliable?

It was the first time he was visiting his in-laws, how could he possibly just get his mother-in-law a bouquet of flowers?

Hesitating for a moment, he said, “Alright then, I’ll get a bouquet . ”

Shi Nianyao added, “You really don’t have to get Dad anything . He has eyes for nothing except Mom . ”

He replied, “Ok, I got it . ”

After hanging up, he raised a hand to massage his temple .

He drove to a florist near the office and selected a bouquet . After leaving it in the trunk, he proceeded to a supermarket nearby to buy some health products .

He only returned to the car once his hands were full . When he tried placing these things in the trunk, he realized it was quite full .

Still, he felt it wasn’t adequate .

At this point, he turned around, went back to the shops and bought more before he was satisfied and left .

All this time, he wore his baseball cap and mask . As he paid for the products, the cashier could not tell who he was .

Thinking he was a suspicious person, she threw him a few glances .

Noticing the way she had stared at him, he could only shake his head and smile as he left the shop .

He continued his way to Shi Nianyao’s home .

He had travelled down that road many times, but none of those times had he felt this restless and tense .

Since Aunty and Uncle had invited him home, they must have accepted him .

But if he made a blunder in the process and displeased them, then what would he do?

Especially when he had kidnapped their daughter for the whole previous night . It would be reasonable for them to be upset .

The thought of having to meet them worried him and made him restless, even though he was mentally ready .

What worried him the most was going all the way there only to be told in his face that he was not good enough for their daughter .

If that happened, what would he do?

Keep insisting or to slowly plan the next step?

As all sorts of thoughts were still running through his mind as the Shi family villa loomed into view .

Just a moment ago the journey had seemed so long but all of a sudden, he had arrived?

He gulped nervously and narrowed his eyes as he drove to the main gate .

When the security officer saw him, the main gate swung open slowly .

Mo Xicheng drove in .

The Shi family villa compound was large and he had to drive some way before he arrived at the house .

The moment the car stopped, he saw Shi Nianyao running out of the living room, happily dashing towards him .

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