Cultivation Online - Chapter 269

Right as the sun began rising at the horizon in the real world, a refreshing sensation surged from Yuans body as he made a breakthrough and reached 5th level Spirit Warrior .
After the breakthrough, Yuan stopped cultivating and tried to activate his Divine Sense again .
A few moments later, he stopped and thought to himself, I still cant activate my Divine Sense, but I can feel its progress . Just a little more…
Meanwhile, inside the game, Feng Yuxiang said to Meixiu after flying for many hours without rest, I can see the Dragon Essence Temple . Weve arrived .
Meixiu, who was just asleep, slowly opened her eyes to see the Dragon Essence Temple in the distance .
This is a sect? It looks no different than a city, she mumbled .
Most sects are a city itself, but unlike normal cities, only its disciples or approved guests are allowed inside . Furthermore, there are no businesses in sects . While there may be a few, its all set up by the sect and not for profit . Feng Yuxiang explained to her .
Anyways, its sunrise . Lets get you to the Young Masters living quarters .
Feng Yuxiang then silently flew towards the Dragon Essence Temple before landing in the backyard of Yuans living quarters a few minutes later since she didnt have the keys to the house .
Once they landed, Meixiu said to Feng Yuxiang, Thank you for bringing me here, Senior Feng . I have to leave now .
Feng Yuxiang nodded, I was just doing my job . Anyways, you can call me Feng Feng like the Young Master .
Meixiu logged off the game shortly later whilst Feng Yuxiang relaxed in the backyard to wait for Yuan to return .
After logging off the game, Meixiu removed the helmet from her head and sat on the bed with a somewhat dazed look on her face .
Cultivation Online… What an experience… It really felt like I was living in another world just now . Meixiu mumbled to herself, and she finally understood why the hype and popularity for this game existed, as it was completely justified .
After sitting there for a few moments, Meixiu stood up and went to prepare breakfast for Yuan, and to her surprise, she didnt feel any fatigue or sleepy like shed expected after staying inside the game for the entire night .
While the soup cooked, Meixiu went to wash her face, brush her teeth, and prepare for school .
Once breakfast was prepared, Meixiu knocked on Yuans room and said, Its time for breakfast .
Im awake . Yuans voice resounded .
Meixiu opened the door and pushed the mini cart inside his room .
I met with Feng Feng last night, and she took me from the Western Continent to the Eastern Continent, even arriving at your living quarters right before I logged off, Meixiu said as she fed Yuan breakfast .
Oh? Already? That was quicker than Id expected . How did it go? Did you enjoy it? Yuan asked her .
. . .
After a moment of silence, Meixiu said, Yes, I enjoyed it . It was a unique and mythical experience . Meeting Feng Feng, learning about cultivators and the cultivation world, using the teleportation device, and the most shocking experience of all— flying in the sky .
As long as you had fun . I know you only intend on playing the game so you can help me sell items and gold, but you should really consider playing with me . We can travel the cultivation world and experience everything together .
Meixius eyes widened when she heard Yuans unexpected words, which left her speechless for a good moment .
What do you think, Meixiu? Youre always working, even as a child . In fact, I think were very similar, in the sense that were always working for the same place . If it werent for my sudden condition, Im pretty sure that I would still be working for the Yu Family even right now . This may sound crazy, but I no longer see my condition as a curse . Perhaps it is even a blessing in disguise .
Telling me to play with you… Is that a command? Meixiu suddenly asked him .
Of course not . Its a request, Meixiu . If you dont want to play with me, thats fine . However, from your words just now, I could tell that you really enjoyed your time in Cultivation Online . If thats the case, you might as well continue playing . You might even find another purpose in life besides working as I did .
Are you really fine with me being by your side in Cultivation Online as well? Meixiu asked again, her voice sounding somewhat nervous .
Why did you make it sound like I cant stand your presence? Even though weve always been near each other for almost our entire lives, Ive never once had such thoughts, and weve never really played together before . This is a great opportunity to do so .
But I dont really have the time… Meixiu sighed .
Its fine . We can play together whenever youre free or dont have school on the weekends . I also dont mind missing a meal once in a while so we can play more . Yuan said with a smile on his face .
After a moment of silence, Meixiu said, Okay . I understand . Ill play with you .
Thats great!
After breakfast, Meixiu went to school with Yu Rou whilst Yuan continued his training inside cultivation online .
Oh, right . I should go meet with Feng Feng first since shes probably waiting for me—
Right as Yuan thought about returning to his living quarters to meet up with Feng Yuxiang, a trail of flames could be seen traveling in the sky like a shooting star, flying toward Yuans location .
And for some reason, Yuan immediately recognized this flame .
Feng Feng?
A few moments later, Feng Yuxiang entered Yuans body .
Im back, Young Master, she said to him afterward .
Welcome back, Feng Feng . And thank you for your hard work . Ill let you drink some of my blood later . Yuan said to her .
Really? Thank you, Young Master! Feng Yuxiangs excited voice quickly resounded, as it has been some time since she tasted his delicious blood .