Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 90

The 49th catacomb!

Everywhere he looked, there was ice and snow .

From time to time, snowflakes would fall from above .

Klein raised his head and took a glance .

It was also covered in ice and snow . Snowflakes didn’t appear out of thin air, but kept falling from the top .

As for why the top was covered in ice and snow, who knew!

“Where could the Snowdrift Ox be?”

Klein’s gaze quickly swept past the towering snowbank .

The Snowdrift Ox’s entire body was snow-white . In this environment, it was indeed easy to hide .

“In such a cold environment, I really can’t carry on for too long . I have to leave in ten minutes . ”

Klein lowered his head to look at Little Fox and Little Wind . They weren’t feeling well either .

Little Fox was fine, but she had thick fur on her body .

Little Wind was bald, and he wasn’t in a good mood .

“Buck up,” Klein berated .

Following that, the propeller behind him spewed out air as he flew into the sky .

The Snowdrift Ox couldn’t fly, so Klein had the advantage of being in the air .

Little Fox was fast, so there was no need to worry . Little Wind could drill into the ground .

‘Something’s not right . If it were to freeze into ice, Little Wind won’t be able to drill down . ’

Klein’s heart skipped a beat . Just as he was about to lift Little Wind into the air, he suddenly heard a snort .


There was a long sound .

Klein’s heart skipped a beat .

He looked in the direction of the sound and indeed saw a snow-white Snowdrift Ox charging forward!

It exhaled hot air from its nose, just like a train from the old era .

The fellow’s eyes were red .

It lowered its head and charged forward .

It was extremely fast .

Its horns were more like two scimitars, curved inwards, and had sharp edges and horns on the outside .

As long as it hit something, it would not be strange for it to split into two .


Little Fox quickly dodged .

Little Wind was slow and was directly hit .

Fortunately, Little Wind was a small creature, and at most, it was kicked away .

Little Wind’s anger value immediately filled up .


Little Wind expanded rapidly .

He turned around and struck the Snowdrift Ox .

The Snowdrift Ox also turned around to charge a second time .

There was a crisp sound .

The Snowdrift Ox and Little Wind retreated respectively .

Neither side was injured .

There were two obvious marks on Little Wind’s sturdy armor, which showed how sharp its horns were .


Klein found the opportunity and pulled the trigger .

The crossbow arrow brought up a bunch of blood .

It easily pierced into the Snowdrift Ox’s body .

The Snowdrift Ox howled in pain and became even angrier .

A minute later, the Snowdrift Ox crashed to the ground .

The anesthetic and numbing effects had taken effect .

Klein continued floating in the air, checking the location of the iron treasure chest .

[There’s an Iron Treasure Chest under the ice and snow here . ]

After a scan, a notification appeared .

Klein took out his shovel…

After some thought, he took out his Firestorm Saber .


The flames were ignited .

He aimed at the location where the treasure chest was .

Sizzle sizzle sizzle…

The ice and snow melted .

The bottom of the iron treasure chest was revealed .

Its surroundings were frozen solid by the ice .

A moment later, he put away the iron treasure chest .

He opened up the runic base .

A man and two beasts entered the runic base and felt a little more comfortable .

“I’ll finish making the meat field container first . ”

Klein constructed a square container from the original location of the meat field .

It was even larger .

He then placed the Snowdrift Ox into the container .

The Snowdrift Ox widened its large crimson eyes and attempted to attack with its horns .

“Eh, the effects of the medicine have passed so quickly?”

Klein opened it again .

“Alright, since it can already move, I’ll implant it with a xenogeneic . ”

“Prevent it from dying from excessive blood loss!”

Klein took out a superior xenogeneic .

Just like last time, he cut open the wound and implanted the xenogeneic .

Snowdrift Ox eyes were filled with fear as it used its last bit of strength to struggle .

In just a moment, the bones collapsed, and the flesh was soft .


It turned into a puddle of bright red meat that constantly squirmed .

[System notification: Soul+3]

Klein poured 1,000 ml of water into it .

“We’ll see the results tomorrow . ”

He clapped his hands and walked to the iron treasure chest by the side .

Open the chest!

[There’s poison gas hidden inside this Iron Treasure Chest . Open it carefully . ]

Klein brought the treasure chest outside the base .

He put on the gas mask, took out the animal skin, wrapped it tightly around his exposed skin, and put on gloves .

After opening the chest, he suddenly retreated .

He had to be careful .

The poison gas didn’t mean that he had to inhale it . It could be harmful to his skin .

It could also harm his hair and make him bald .

The dark green poison gas gradually dissipated .

Klein observed from afar, but he still didn’t know what was inside the treasure chest .

[There are remnants of the poison gas over there . Don’t come any closer . ]

[The poison gas has completely dispersed . ]

After waiting for half a minute, the notification changed .

Only then did Klein go forward and look at the items inside .

[System notification: Iron Treasure Chest + 1]

[System notification: Wind Rune+1]

[System notification: Water Rune+1]

[System notification: Ice Cream Fruit Seed+2]

[System notification: Perfect Runic Refrigerator Blueprint+1]

[System notification: Excellent Strength Wrist Guard Blueprint+1]

Klein grabbed the blueprint and learned everything .

After a while, he said, “I already have a Perfect Strength Wrist Guard . This Excellent Strength Wrist Guard is of little value to me . ”

“However, I can produce a batch and throw it on the market . ”

At present, he hadn’t seen similar rune wrist guard equipment on the market . It could fill the gap in the market and make a profit .