Hello Mr. King - Chapter 559

As soon as Song Mian said this, Yun Xiangxiang’s heart tightened .
Sure enough, Song Mian took a step back in the next second and knelt down on one knee in front of her . His other hand took out a ring box out of nowhere and opened it in front of her .
It was a particularly beautiful diamond ring . It had four diamonds of the same size and shape, forming a four-leaf clover shape . The four large diamonds were of different colors .
Pink, blue, green, and white . The order was just right, and it looked exceptionally luxurious . Under the sunlight, it shone with a dazzling light .
“The four-leaf clover is also known as the lucky grass . Meeting you is the greatest luck of my life . ” Song Mian took out the ring from the box . “I hope that this luck can accompany me for the rest of my life . Marry me . Think about it . ”
Yun Xiangxiang had never thought about what a proposal would look like, and she was completely unprepared . It had come too suddenly, and her heart was pounding nonstop . Her mind was blank, and she didn’t know how to react .
Song Mian was not in a hurry . Instead, he continued, “I don’t have too many promises for you . I only have one . I promise you a lifetime of happiness . ”
Unexpectedly, Yun Xiangxiang’s tears fell as she thought about it . No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t say those words of rejection .
Out of the blue, Yun Xiangxiang said with a sobbing voice, “You said that you would give me a lifetime of happiness . ”
The smile on Song Mian’s lips widened, and he took the opportunity to put the ring on Yun Xiangxiang’s finger .
He stood up and pulled her into his arms . “What I said comes from my heart . I’ll make you happy for the rest of your life . . ”
He hugged her even tighter, causing Yun Xiangxiang to feel a little pain when she bumped into his muscular chest . The hug was so tight that it was difficult for her to breathe .
It proved that he had lost control, that he was excited, and that he was happy .
Yun Xiangxiang, who had just regained her senses and was feeling a little upset, felt soft-hearted because of Song Mian’s reaction . She hugged him back with both hands .
After taking a walk, Song Mian was inexplicably touched and then successfully proposed to Yun Xiangxiang . The latter stared blankly at the beautiful and unique ring on her hand .
She took it off the ring and tilted it slightly . Due to the unique way the ring was inlaid, it looked like a cloud from this angle .
The more she looked at it, the more she liked it . However, it was impossible for her to wear it every day . She could only wear it for the next two days .
Her joy and happiness were displayed on her face . Song Mian saw it, and his heart melted like snow under the sun, turning into a pool of clear water that reflected her smile .
After lunch, Song Mian asked Yun Xiangxiang to take a nap . “When you wake up, I’ll take you out to play . ”
“Go out to play again? How are you going to lie to me again?” Yun Xiangxiang asked fiercely .
Song Mian had said that they were going out for a walk, but it had turned into a proposal, and she had agreed to it so easily .
She thought about how she and Song Mian had only been dating for less than half a year, and yet she had already accepted his proposal . If this continued, it would be a little dangerous .
Now that Song Mian had said that he was going to play with her, she was a little afraid .
Looking at the guarded look in Yun Xiangxiang’s eyes, Song Mian couldn’t help but smile . “Actually, I didn’t plan to propose to you in such a hurry . ”
In truth, he had long planned to marry Yun Xiangxiang . When he went to see Bhamra last year, he had specially picked out this diamond .
At that time, he said that he was bringing Yun Xiangxiang to meet a friend and used the excuse of a review . In fact, it was for the sake of the diamond . He had even specially asked Yun Xiangxiang to choose it herself . Unfortunately, Yun Xiangxiang didn’t seem to have much interest in diamonds .
Later, it was Song Mian who personally picked out these four best-quality colored diamonds from among the many diamonds . He cut them into diamonds of the same size and shape .
Each of them weighed 6 . 2 carats and were assembled into the shape of a four-leaf clover . There were not many patterns, but it was just a metaphor .
Then, he hired someone to design and work on it for half a year . Finally, it was done and sent to him this morning .
He was very satisfied and put it on his body .
In the morning, he really wanted to show Yun Xiangxiang the scenery here and feel the tranquility here .
When he reached the church, he suddenly thought of the wedding and asked casually . He didn’t expect Yun Xiangxiang to say something like that .
She asked him to propose first, and the ring just happened to be on him . Song Mian naturally acted immediately .
When he proposed, Song Mian was prepared to be rejected by Yun Xiangxiang . This proposal was just to give Yun Xiangxiang some psychological preparation . He hoped that the next proposal would not be too sudden for her .
However, the results made him very, very happy .
He realized that Yun Xiangxiang’s feelings for him were deeper than he had expected . It was just a simple proposal without much preparation, and she actually agreed to it in one go .
“It’s only because of you that I’m so gullible . ” Yun Xiangxiang snorted twice and closed her eyes .
Perhaps the meticulously planned proposal ceremony was romantic, but Yun Xiangxiang preferred to let nature take its course .
Song Mian’s proposal was very rushed and sudden, but it was just the two of them .
Everyone had different thoughts . Many people felt that a marriage proposal must be witnessed by family and friends .
However, this was a marriage proposal . Yun Xiangxiang felt that this was something that belonged to the two of them, not a marriage announcement .
She preferred this kind of proposal that was not intentional and was based on heaven and earth .
Song Mian kissed her forehead, then turned over and slept beside her, taking an afternoon nap with her .
In the afternoon, Song Mian got three bicycles . One had a backseat, while the other two didn’t .
Standing by the roadside, he asked, “Do you want to ride with me or by yourself?”
“By myself . ” Yun Xiangxiang decisively chose the latter .
Although it was very intimate to ride in her boyfriend’s backseat, it was really uncomfortable to sit for too long . It was better to ride well and have a chase with him, which would be more fun instead .
Yun Xiangxiang changed into a convenient sportswear and the two of them rode side by side . There were really very few cars here .
Under the lead of Song Mian, they rode into a forest with tall and straight trees . Each tree was neither loose nor dense . The sun was shining brightly . Rays of sunlight passed through the dense forest and shone on the moss-covered rocks, showering the surroundings with a greenish reflection .
There was a meandering stream, and the water was slowly flowing . For some reason, it was white and amber in color .
After they rode through the entire forest, they couldn’t see the end of the green waves . It was difficult to see the peaks of the mountains .
“It’s so beautiful . ” The lake in front of them was like an extremely charming jade, shining brightly under the sun .
Coincidentally, there was a special restaurant here . Song Mian stopped and led Yun Xiangxiang inside . He asked for a waiter and ordered two cups of beer .
Beer was world-famous here . Yun Xiangxiang had not tasted it in so many days .
She took a sip with anticipation . “Erm…”
Perhaps she didn’t understand beer, but she personally felt that all beer tasted the same .
Song Mian ordered another meal from the waiter and entrusted their bicycles to his care .
After Yun Xiangxiang finished drinking, she pulled Yun Xiangxiang to the lake to go boating .