I Have A Super USB Drive - Chapter 391

When they heard the ringing coming from Samuel’s coat pocket by the bed, the expression on all three of their faces suddenly shifted .
At this moment, for some reason, the ringing seemed exceptionally deafening and piercing!
Annie subconsciously wanted to close the door to prevent her father from seeing her after he was roused from sleep .
“I haven’t gotten his pass yet!”
However, Danny suddenly spun around and rushed directly into Samuel’s room, reaching for Samuel’s coat .
“Who are you?”
Just when Danny had reached Samuel’s coat, a cold voice suddenly came from the bed .
Danny’s body stiffened and he slowly turned around, only to see that Samuel had been sitting up for some time and was staring at him warily .
“Mr . Samuel, don’t get mad . I’m your daughter’s friend . We’re here for a reason…”
Danny quickly raised his hands and squeezed out a friendly smile . “If you don’t believe me, you can ask your daughter . ”
“My daughter?”
Samuel looked out of the room door in confusion, just to see Annie standing bewilderedly outside the bedroom door . Even so, behind her, a gloomy-looking man had taken out a pistol and aimed it at Samuel .
“Annie, get away!”
Samuel hurriedly yelled as he turned over, wanting to get the gun from the nightstand on the other side of the bed . Nonetheless, he only had time to pick up the gun . Before he had time to aim, there was a flash from his opponent’s muzzle!
In an instant, Samuel only felt a tremor in his head and at once, innumerable golden stars flickered before his eyes, Then, the world in front of him became darker and darker…
In the end, his world was nothing but pitch black .
Annie let out a scream . She leaped forward and helped up Samuel, who was lying on the bed, but saw a black gaping hole in Samuel’s forehead!
The depth of the hole had reached the skull and there was only darkness, but after a few seconds, a wisp of bright red flowed out from the hole .
“No! Look at what you did!”
Annie burst into tears suddenly, holding Samuel’s body and crying loudly, as endless regret filled her chest .
The middle-aged man looked unmoved . He aimed his pistol with a silencer at the back of Annie’s head . He was about to pull the trigger again, but Danny on the side immediately shielded Annie and asked angrily, “Why did you kill him!”
“He was about to get the gun . If I didn’t shoot before he did, our lives will all be in danger . ”
The middle-aged man wore a stoic expression .
“D*mn it!”
Danny cursed . He was faced with a thorny problem indeed . He simply pushed the middle-aged man out of the room and at the same time exhorted, “I’ll fix this, don’t you shoot anyone!”
“Our task is to install a quantum virus and paralyze the defense network of the Eco Science City . ”
The middle-aged man was as unrelenting as a brick wall .
“I know, can you give me five minutes?”
Danny raised his hands and made a gesture of compromise . “Give me five minutes, Johnson . Give me five minutes and I’ll fix everything, okay?”
Seeing this, the middle-aged man put away his pistol .
Danny hurriedly closed the bedroom door and then he rushed to Annie and turned her to face him . “Annie, hey, Annie, are you listening?”
“No, you murderer! Go away!”
Annie struggled furiously . Emotionally, she was breaking down .
“Annie, your father is dead!”
Danny said loudly, “He can’t be resurrected anymore . He died because of our beliefs . We didn’t kill him . It was this evil company that killed him . Do you understand!”
“No, that’s not true, never!”
Annie’s cry was slightly softer .
“Think about our purpose here!”
Danny continued to persuade . “Isn’t our purpose in coming here to topple this evil company? They commit crimes, secretly conduct human experiments, and slaughter civilians, but on the surface, they pretend to be noble and win the support of countless people . This evil company that makes deals with the devil… Don’t we White Embers exist just to eradicate it?”
Annie was still wailing while shaking her head .
“Don’t forget our mission, Annie!”
Danny continued . “You’re not just doing this for our beliefs but also to save people, right? Don’t forget the other members of the White Embers organization — Fisher, Jennifer, Albo, Jonathan… They were all captured by Blacklight Biotechnology a few months ago, and now is our only chance to save them . If you give up this time, Blacklight Biotechnology will discover your father’s death tomorrow and then we’ll have no chance to overthrow this evil company!”
Annie fell silent completely, just sobbing constantly .
“I’m sorry for your father’s death, but we have more important things to do, don’t we?”
Seeing this, Danny continued to strike while the iron was hot . “I know you love Fisher deeply, so don’t you want to save him? As more time passes, Fisher’s survival chances will be lower and lower, and the only way to rescue him is to paralyze the internal defense system of Blacklight Biotechnology . By then, all the secrets of Blacklight Biotechnology will be leaked . The Earth Federation will not forgive him and Fisher will be set free!”
Hearing these words, Annie finally stifled her crying . She raised her head with tears and looked into Danny’s eyes . “Can we rescue Brother Fisher?”
“As long as we work hard, we can do it!”
Danny nodded solemnly .
Annie wiped her tears and gently laid Samuel back on the bed .
Danny finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Annie’s action .
“I’ll kill him . ”
However, at this moment, Annie whispered suddenly .
“I can help you…”
Danny was startled and then a flash of ice gleamed in his eyes . He stood up, turned, and opened the door of the bedroom, just in time to see the middle-aged man standing quietly outside the door .
“I’ve convinced her, let’s go . ”
Danny sighed, walked around the middle-aged man, and went out the door .
The middle-aged man looked into the room, only to see Annie glaring at him with a frosty expression .
The middle-aged man was about to say something to Annie, but at this moment, Danny, who had already walked behind him, suddenly spun around like lightning . At the same time, he whipped out a silenced pistol, aimed at the back of the middle-aged man’s head, and pulled the trigger directly!
With a muffled sound, the middle-aged man shuddered and fell to the ground without a word .
This middle-aged man was dead .
After doing all this, Danny returned to the room again . “Annie, I killed him for you . ”
“Very good…”
Annie nodded . She took a long, final look at her father, then dug out a crystal-like card from her father’s pocket and handed it to Danny .
“This is the pass to my father’s place of work . ”
Annie wiped her tears and whispered .
Danny took the card . It felt as light as a feather in his hand . He tried to bend it but found that it could only be bent at a very shallow angle . It was also extremely tough . At least with his strength, it was impossible to damage this card .
The products of Blacklight Biotechnology were amazing…
Danny muttered inwardly . At the same time, the 3D printer in the living room had already printed Samuel’s human skin mask . He directly put the human skin mask on his face, then took out the contact lenses inscribed with Samuel’s iris patterns and placed them on his eyes before he said, “Annie, I will put on your father’s clothes . Please bring me a set of his clothes . ”
Annie returned to Samuel’s room, took out a suit from the closet, and gave it to Danny . She watched as Danny adjusted his work suit . Suddenly, his body shape changed and became bloated . After that, he put on Samuel’s clothes and instantly a lively Samuel appeared in front of Annie .
Looking at the illusion of how her father had come alive in front of her, Annie could not help sobbing .
“That’s enough, Annie, let’s go on the mission . ”
Danny grabbed Annie’s hand, pulled her out of the villa, and got directly into Samuel’s car .
“Listen, Annie, you have to pull yourself together because the next steps I’m going to talk about are very complicated, and you need to remember them carefully . Any slight mistake may cause our identities to be exposed . ”
Danny looked toward Annie in the passenger seat and said solemnly, “I’ll drive the car directly into the Biotechnology Research Center of Eco Science City . After we’re in, you must come with me . After all, you’ve been in there before and can show me the way .
“Entering the administrative area of the Biotechnology Research Center isn’t complicated . The only thing that is difficult to enter is their laboratory building . Plus, only the computers there are connected to their internal network . It’s likely to store extremely confidential information, so as long as we inject the virus there, we would have succeeded!”
“But I’ve never entered the laboratory building . ”
Annie shook her head and said vacantly, “My father never let me in there . ”
“I’ll take you in on the pretext that you’ve suffered a special disease and need to be examined . ”
Danny said, “According to our investigation, if the family members of Blacklight Biotechnology’s internal employees have any problems, they can get medical treatment for free . ”
“Understood . ”
Annie lowered her head and asked, “After we implant the virus, will we be able to find out the whereabouts of Brother Fisher?”
Danny said with great confidence, “This kind of quantum virus doesn’t even need an external network . As long as it’s injected into the computer, quantum entanglement can occur . Then, the quantum computer tens of thousands of kilometers away will automatically receive all the secrets from the Eco Science City . Fisher’s whereabouts must be among these secrets!
“Moreover, after getting this virus, Blacklight Biotechnology’s system won’t even have the chance to call the police . We can leave without trouble at that time, then we’ll take the plane from Walvis Bay and return to North America . Do you understand?”
“Got it!”
Annie nodded seriously, her eyes rekindled with the flame of hope .
Seeing this, Danny was fully reassured . He started the vehicle and drove toward the urban area of Eco Science City .
Twenty minutes later, Samuel’s special car had arrived in front of the Biotechnological Research Center in the southern suburbs of the Eco Sciences City .
This research center was the first building built by Chen Chen after he came here . At that time, the research center was already established when the idea of the Eco Science City had not even been conceived . It could be described as a veteran .
There were four research buildings in this research center, one of which was the only level-4 biosafety laboratory in Africa, where the vaccine for the Blacklight virus was famously developed in the past .
Chen Chen’s office in terms of public appearance was also here .
It was precisely because of this that the entire world believed this place must be one of the most advanced research centers in the world for biotechnology . It was as well-known as Novartis’ and Pfizer’s pharmaceutical research institutes .
At this time, Samuel’s car did not even encounter any obstacles . After the detector at the gate detected Samuel’s license plate number, the electronic railing lifted automatically, giving way to the road inside .
Danny drove in casually .
“Turn left . There’s an underground parking lot where my father always parked . ”
Following Annie’s instructions, the car turned left and they saw an entrance to the underground parking lot . After driving the car into the parking lot, following Annie’s guidance, Danny soon found the elevator to the laboratory building .
“Next, we’ll have to use the pass . ”
Annie reminded in a low voice .
Danny nodded and pressed the elevator button . Soon, an elevator descended toward the parking lot .
With a “ding”, the elevator doors opened on both sides, but inside the door was a bald man in a white coat .
“Samuel, why did you come back and you’ve brought your daughter with you?”
What they did not expect was that, after seeing Danny, the bald man laughed . “Are you trying to take advantage of the company’s policies?”
Danny deepened his voice, about to come up with an excuse, but to his surprise, the other party lowered his voice and smirked . “No need to explain . Don’t worry, I won’t say a single thing to that old fool above us!”
With that, he walked past them with a chortle .
Seeing this, Annie on the side wiped her sweat secretly and Danny also removed his grip from the pistol held behind his back .
After they entered the elevator, as the doors closed, Danny had just taken out the pass when an electronic voice came from a camera on the top of the elevator, “Please show your pass . ”
Danny glanced at Annie, who nodded . Danny raised his hand, holding the pass, and placed it in front of the camera .
“Beep, pass verified . Welcome, B3-level researcher, Mr . Samuel Augy Senao . ”
After a greeting from the electronic voice, it said nothing else at all .
The both of them could only hear their pounding hearts .