Magic Deity: Godly Choices - Chapter 374

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Chapter 374: I’m Back

They could be said to have been harassed.

A man covered in blood said in a deep voice, “You damn beasts, one day you will get the justice you deserve!”

The Dragon Scale Tribe leader laughed loudly, and the orcs around him also laughed mockingly.

“Justice? Let’s see who dares to judge me!”

He picked up the big axe and chopped off his head with a ‘pfft’.

Fresh blood splattered on the bodies of the other people, and a woman screamed shrilly.

“Speak! If you don’t, I’ll chop off your heads one by one!”

No one answered.

Puchi! Puchi!

The heads of the few people fell to the ground, and the few men all died in his hands. The leader of the Dragon Scale Tribe turned around and looked at the pale-faced woman, laughing ferociously.

The woman was scared out of her wits. When he raised the butcher’s knife, the woman screamed, “Don’t kill me! I’ll tell you everything! I’ll tell you everything!”

The other people’s eyes were filled with anger, and they roared at her.

The leader of the Dragon Scale Tribe killed the other people with one slash. He laughed ferociously and said, “Very good!”

“This is the place…”

At the end of the alley, the woman trembled as she pointed at the secret door leading to the underground. She collapsed to the ground as if she had lost her soul.

The surroundings were densely packed with orcs.

The leader of the Dragon Scale Tribe looked at the secret door with a heavy expression and said, “These cunning humans are actually hiding underground. Open it for me!”

Under the command of the Dragon Scale Tribe leader, a few orc warriors slowly walked towards the secret door.

With a clang, the secret door was forcefully opened by them.

However, the moment the secret door was opened, an explosive fireball suddenly shot out from the passage inside the secret door.

With a loud bang, several orc warriors were killed in the explosion!

The surrounding orc warriors immediately surrounded the place, and the dust gradually dispersed.

In front of the secret door, a woman in a white robe and a little girl holding a dagger was looking at them expressionlessly.

The woman was holding a magic staff in her hand, and the magic staff was flickering with the fluctuations of fire elements.

It was Phyllis and Tina.

The Dragon Scale Tribe leader laughed cruelly and looked at Phyllis, saying, “You’re actually a mage. Very good, I won’t kill you easily. I will peel off your skin and flesh bit by bit, and let you die in agony!”

Phyllis said in a deep voice, “I hope you have the ability!”

“Kill!” The Dragon Scale Tribe leader roared and the surrounding warriors immediately charged towards Phyllis and Tina.

The battle instantly started.

Phyllis’ strength was not to be underestimated. Her magic had killed one orc warrior after another, but she was outnumbered. Soon, her body was injured.

“Sister Phyllis, let’s run!” Tina looked at the injuries on her body and felt pain in her heart.

Phyllis panted and said, “You go first. I have to ensure the safety of the children!”

“You don’t have a chance!” The Dragon Scale Tribe leader picked up his two axes and slashed at Phyllis with a cold smile.

From afar, Su Han had already seen Saint Laurent City.

On his way here, he saw one human village after another that had been reduced to ruins. The orcs had committed numerous crimes on this land.

Finally, he arrived at Saint Laurent City.

Standing in the sky above Saint Laurent City, the scene in front of him made his heart turn cold.

The familiar Saint Laurent City had been reduced to ruins. The footprints of the Orcs were everywhere, and the air was filled with the smell of gunpowder.

Without saying anything, he quickly arrived at the Lakeside Villa where he and his sister used to live.

When he landed in front of the house, he saw a broken wall that had been burned into ruins by the fire.

Their home had been burned down by the fire.

A cold emotion spread in Su Han’s heart.

He didn’t find any remains in the ruins and soared into the sky again. Su Han looked at the city, and suddenly, a violent emotion attacked him, making him want to destroy the entire city.

He wanted to kill every single one of the orcs.

“If anything happens to my sister,” Su Han muttered, “Even if the First Human doesn’t destroy this place, I will take action.”

At this moment, he had forgotten all about the bullshit responsibility and the Second Humans.

That cold killing intent made his entire body tremble.

Just as that killing intent was about to control his rationality, an elemental explosion suddenly came from somewhere in Saint Laurent City and caught his attention.

He was very familiar with it. That explosion was caused by his elemental bomb.

Could there still be living people in Saint Laurent City?

Su Han quickly flew in that direction.

In the alley, a large number of orc warriors fell to the ground, leaving a deep hole in the ground.

Phyllis’ shallow magic shield slowly dimmed. Just now, she had used the last elemental bomb.

The Dragon Scale leader looked at the dead orc warriors and roared as he walked over, “You b*tch, look what you’ve done! I’m going to tear you into pieces!”

Phyllis panted as she leaned against the wall. Her spiritual power had been exhausted, and she could not continue fighting.

Was it really going to end here today?

She was unwilling, very unwilling, but this was war. If she stayed here, she had to be prepared to die at any moment.

However, even if she died, she felt that her death had value.

The moment the Dragon Scale leader charged over, she gritted her teeth and a scroll appeared from his interspatial ring.

She wanted to perish together with this orc.

Just as she was about to crush the scroll in her hand, she suddenly felt her vision blur. A pitch-black figure suddenly appeared in front of her like an illusion and snatched the scroll from her hand.

“If you die here, it won’t be worth it.”

This voice was… Phyllis widened her eyes in disbelief as she looked at the face under the hood. In an instant, she felt her mind go blank.

Was it him?

Was it him who came back?

Su Han!?

“Be careful!” Phyllis shouted.

There was a loud bang.

Behind her.

The Dragon Scale leader’s huge axe landed heavily on the shoulder of the man in black.

Phyllis widened her eyes. The scene of blood splattering in her imagination did not appear. When the Dragon Scale leader’s axe landed on his body, it was as if it had hit steel. The axe in his hand flew out due to the huge reaction force, his body was pushed back repeatedly.

The Dragon Scale leader’s face revealed an extremely shocked expression.

When did this person appear? He actually did not notice it at all.

Phyllis looked at the black-robed youth in front of her and said while trembling, “You… You really… You really are Su Han…”

Su Han nodded and said, “I’m back.”

In an instant, Phyllis felt that her eyes were a little sore. Waves of sourness surged from her heart to her nose and eyes.

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