My Vampire System - Chapter 1198

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Chapter 1198 A ray of hope

Out in the main hall things were getting tough for the Cursed faction. While they had initially been valiantly attacking the intruders, convinced that their high numbers would be enough to defeat them, the tides had turned and the Chained continued to push them back for more reasons than one.

'More and more of them are coming through that damn teleporter!' Sam observed, drinking some of the blood from his flask. He had overused his blood skills trying to help his subordinates, but to limited effect.

Those around him had switched their fighting styles to a more defensive one, mostly trying their best to survive this battle. Truth be told, if it wasn't for the Cursed faction leaders being there fighting alongside them, many might have fled, the enemies they were facing were just too strong.

'They must be the ones in the ships who had been attacking us earlier. Hopefully Logan might be able to help us soon, otherwise it doesn't bode well for us. Nearly half of the people that Nate had trained have died, while we have only managed to get rid of six of them, including Burnie.'

Thinking about this, Sam was biting his lip. They needed a new strategy, fast. There were still many Travellers aboard the ship, but all of them were weaker than the ones still holding the Chained back. Getting them involved would only increase the bodycount, something he wanted to avoid, if at all possible.

In the middle of his thoughts, an ability user had reached Sam, after having subdued the faction member in between the two. He opened his mouth wide and let out a loud scream that pushed Sam's whole body backwards.

As a vampire Sam had strength on his side, but his ears were far more sensitive than a human's, causing him to cover them up with his hands. Not only did it hurt him, but it appeared to have a paralyzing effect on him.

With a spear in his hand, the ability user was ready to thrust it forward, until something whizzed past the two of them. The next second the ability user received a punch in his stomach. The Chained tensed but the blow hardly hurt, looking forward he was unable to see the assailant, but the next second, another scream was let out directly next to his ear.

His ear drum burst open, blood flowing down his ear, he fell to the floor, which allowed him to see that the one who had done him in was but a mere child. Then another one ran up to him, creating a giant fist and swung it down hitting the man's whole head and upper body, knocking him out.

"That's one down, a couple dozen more to go! Come on, we need to help and deal with the rest!" Adeel shouted.

Other Blade kids charged on to the scene. They were working in groups of three, allowing them to display a surprising amount of teamwork.

Adeel was the one who had saved Sam. He had used a speed type ability to quickly arrive at the Chained and hit his stomach. The damage might have been limited, but Adeel just needed to touch him to copy the sound user's ability.

Next another Blade kid who also had the speed ability touched Adeel hand passing on the power, and jumped up to the side of the chained's ear, using the same power on himself. Lastly, one of the Blade's kids with a growth ability created a giant fist whacking the Chained in the head.

"I guess it was actually a good idea we came here after all." Shiro said, lifting Sam up by the arm. The Cursed faction viceleader couldn't quite believe his eyes, but a bunch of young kids were managing to do what a group of trained men had failed.

"You're surprised, right? Well hanging around Sil and Peter for a while I realised something. Even before Raten and Vorden had returned, these kids spent all their time training to fight. Practicing with Raten just made them that much better. It seemed like they had a good base to start with as well." Shiro explained.

Now the tide was once again in their favour. For a second Sam believed they could do it, and he didn't intend to slack off either. It would be a shame, if they let the kids be the reason for why the Cursed faction would survive such an attack.

However, soon three of the Blade kids found themselves in a tricky situation. The trio had charged towards a man with black tattoos covering his eyes, but when they approached him he had been unafraid. The group of kids had remained cautious of him but when they got close, he suddenly dashed forward and instead of them touching him, he touched the heads of two of them, their bodies immediately sinking to the ground. Their own weight crushing them on the spot.

"What is this? I can hardly move and it feels like an elephant has sat down on me.'

Trying to lift up their hands, they barely could fight it with all their strength before they were pushed down again.

"Oh, so it's not heavy enough for you. You seem to have the same ability as the Blades but a touch is exactly how my ability activates. They told us not to kill you, but if I die here what's the point!" The man spoke as he increased the gravity their body was under even further.

Both kids let out a gasp of air, as they felt like their lungs were crushing and collapsing within themselves.

"Let them go!" Sam demanded, and threw two large lines of red aura directly at the tattooed man.

When the Blood swipe was half way, they seemed to hit something and shattered there and then. Another ability user was seen standing by the side, with his hands on the ground. He was the one who had blocked the attack.

'These people, they're not thinking straight! They're mad enough to even kill kids for their freedom!' Sam thought, but no matter how hard he tried to charge forward, people would continue to get in his way. There was no hope for these two children.

"I can not let such an act happen, right in front of me!" An old voice yelled. A flash of blue hit the tattooed man. It lifted him up into the air, and the attack continued to push him onto a wall. His whole body shaking, foam coming out of his mouth, until the attack had stopped and he was allowed to fall to the floor.

Now standing in the middle of the two kids, his old wrinkled hands could be seen, with blue lightning twirling around his fingers.

Bonny and Void were no longer in the hall, but Void, able to control what was being displayed on the livestream, had switched to the main hall camera, which continued to record everything.

"Hey, does anyone know where I could've seen that old man before?"

"That grandpa has a lightning ability, how many people do you know who have it?"

"That's Grim Graylash, the ex leader of the Graylash family."

The comments under the live stream continued to flood in.

The old man soon fired his lightning towards two other users who were close to hitting some of the Blade kids.

"Doing such deeds is not worth our freedom. I would rather fight against our captors again, rather than resort to harming innocent kids!" The old man Grim yelled.

Smiling at the situation, Sam never thought that perhaps, there would be those in the Chained that still had the will to fight back.


In the canteen, a middle aged man whose hair was starting to gray could be seen. He was wearing gold armour with large oval shoulders. Had a great sword in his hand, making him look like a knight of old that had fought in many battles in the past.

"Sil, you should understand why we're doing this. You know why we have to listen to him! There is no human on Earth that is stronger than him. You know how things will end if I fight you, Son, so just come with me willingly."

Clenching his fist, Sil's whole hand was shaking.

"You're not the one…" Sil mumbled. "You're not the one I wanted. That means someone else is fighting against him. I have to… I have to help!"

Not wasting any time, like a flash, Sil moved so fast that his father was unable to see him, the next second and he could feel a strong fist hit him from behind in the back and had lifted him in the air.

It wasn't just one, but the punches continued to rain down hitting the armour one by one. The armour was strong but it wasn't invincible. Using the power of six high level abilities at once, and the strength ability, Sil's hands were out damaging the armour. Blood was coming out from his father's mouth.

'The damn kid, he…isn't like he was before. What did he do to get so strong in the meantime?!'

He moved his hand slightly towards the sword but before he could, Sil was seen above him, and using both hands he slammed down hitting his father to the floor. The next second another kick came hitting him again.

His father could simply do nothing to stop the constant attacks happening his way at him.

"I don't have time, they need me!" Sil shouted, as he started to imitate the hammer punch of Quinn's. Stomping one foot on the ground, pulling back and snapping his arm out, hitting his father right in the stomach and sending him flying through the doors ripping them out as he went past.

Not a single hit, Sil hadn't even been damaged in the slightest, but he didn't notice because he only had one thing on his mind.

'I have to go find Hilston, before it's too late!'

Not being able to move, lifting his head slightly, the middle aged blonde haired man didn't know where he was, but he knew what had happened.

'Sil, I wish you luck, because you're going to need it. Perhaps you can break free from this life that we weren't able to. I'm tired of this act.'


While everyone was still busy fighting inside the Cursed ship, a beeping sound could be heard coming from the command centre. At first Logan thought that their bad luck streak was continuing, but when he saw the reason behind it, a slight smile came back on his face, a ray of hope.

As long as they could hold out for a little while longer, there might be a way out of this without anyone else dying.


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