Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me - Chapter 420

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Chapter 420: Chapter 421 Dongfang Secretly Uses Computer In The Middle Of The Night

The next day.

I woke up very early. For me, who was used to sleeping in, this kind of situation was very rare, especially under the premise that there was nothing special to do today.

After I came back from downstairs with breakfast, I saw Chu Yuan who was in her pajamas holding a kitty cat plush toy in her arms and reluctantly walking out of my room with a pair of sleepy eyes. This was probably the only similarity between us. We both like to sleep in.

While setting the table, I called out to Chu Yuan who was still in the bathroom, “Yuan Yuan, after washing your face, wake Dongfang and your Elder Sister Xiaoye up for breakfast.”

Chu Yuan was standing lazily in front of the sink with her eyes half-open while brushing her teeth absentmindedly. When she heard my words she said in a muffled voice, “By the way, Elder Brother, when school was over yesterday, Ms. Shu asked me to tell you that you don’t need to go to the hotel to meet her family today.”

I was confused, “Why?” I didn’t go there yesterday. Today was the last day the Shu family would stay in Bei Tian City. It would be impolite for me not to show up.

“She didn’t say, so how would I know?” The bratty girl still had toothpaste on her mouth, but she didn’t seem to care. She walked out of the bathroom, grabbed a fried dough stick, and stuffed it in her mouth, “You really need to stop being so kind to others. Since she said that you don’t need to go, why do you need to care what reason she has? Do you really think that they are your father-in-law and mother-in-law?”

“You little brat, I was just asking one question, why do you have so many things to complain about?” I chuckled and took back the fried dough stick from her mouth.

I pulled a tissue out of the box, wiped the toothpaste foam on her lips, and frowned. “How old are you now? Why don’t you wash your face after brushing your teeth? And your paws are so dirty. Are you not afraid of having an upset stomach?”

Chu Yuan leaned her face forward to let me wipe her mouth and said in an annoyed tone, “Your hands are dirty paws. My hands are very clean, alright!” While saying it, she reached out her hands, waved them before my eyes, and said, “See, how clean they are.”

I pushed away her little hands, “Bacteria can’t be seen with the naked eye. Didn’t your elementary school teacher teach you this? Hurry up and wash your little paws. After that, go and tell Dongfang and your Elder Sister Xiaoye that the breakfast is ready.”

“I will wash them after eating, or else I have to wash them again, it’s so tiring…”

I was speechless… Who would have thought that the little girl who looked so beautiful after leaving home would be so lazy at home that she didn’t even want to wash her hands frequently…

Seeing Dong Xiaoye’s pale face after she came out of the room, I felt fortunate that I took two painkillers before going to bed last night. This girl’s body was really strange. When she was totally drunk, she could wake up the next day like she didn’t touch a single drop of alcohol yesterday, but when she only drank two glasses of beer, she had a hard time getting up from the bed.

Seeing Dong Xiaoye lying on the table holding a bowl of porridge as if she did not have any strength, I almost burst out laughing, but fearing that she would hit me, I eventually held back the urge to laugh, “Where is Dongfang? Why hasn’t she come out yet?”

No wonder people often say: “What’s near the cinnabar goes red, and what’s next to ink turns black”. Chu Yuan actually laid on the table eating lazily like Dong Xiaoye as if this kind of ungraceful eating posture was very comfortable. “She is still sleeping, so I didn’t wake her up.”

“Still sleeping?” I looked at my watch. It was already half-past seven. Normally, she would already get up and pretend to be doing yoga in the living room at this time.

“Is she sick?” Thinking of her abnormal behavior recently, I was a little worried.

“Sick? I can’t be. Maybe because she stayed up late last night,” Chu Yuan stared at me with a weird look, smiling very ambiguously, “I woke up in the middle of the night last night and saw her using your computer secretly.”

Using my computer? I believed that most men’s hearts would skip a beat when they heard that someone had used their computer without their permission. But I quickly realized that there was no need for me to feel nervous at all. After all, I had deleted all the R18 videos and pictures from my computer already…

“In the middle of the night? And secretly?” I subconsciously asked, “Why did she do it secretly?”

“Cough, cough…” As soon as I asked that question, Chu Yuan was choked by the rice porridge. Only after a while did she stop coughing and said with a blushing face, “How would I know? I didn’t see it… so I don’t know!”

Huh? She didn’t see it? If she didn’t see it, why did she feel embarrassed? And why didn’t I sense any confidence in her words? Originally, I wouldn’t think too much about it, but after noticing her evasive eyes, I couldn’t help but wonder why she would react like this.

Dongfang, that little bratty girl. Could it be that she got up in the middle of the night to browse porn sites?! Thinking that she had given Chu Yuan porn DVDs before, I couldn’t help but show a serious expression.

The listless Dong Xiaoye was absent-minded and unresponsive as if she didn’t care about the conversation between me and Chu Yuan. I couldn’t ask Chu Yuan directly in front of her, so I could only give Chu Yuan a serious look, using my eyes to tell her that sooner or later, I would find out what exactly was going on between them.

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Chu Yuan definitely understood the look in my eyes. Probably thinking that I would interrogate her after eating, she hurriedly put down her chopsticks, picked up her backpack, and ran away while saying, “I’m full. I’m going to school now. See you later, Elder Sister Xiaoye.”

When I finally reacted, the bratty girl had already changed her shoes and rushed out the door. I quickly ran to the door and shouted to her, “Yuan Yuan, you haven’t washed your face yet!”

“I will wash it when I finish school!”

Er… What was the point of washing her face at that time?

I also wanted to remind her that she still had oil on her mouth, but it was too late; she had already run away.

Dong Xiaoye had a headache. I asked her to stay at home to rest, but she didn’t listen; she insisted on going to the hospital with me to visit Xiao Sun, Old Black, and Brother Wei. This definitely had something to do with the call she received from Lin Zhi before I went out.

Lin Zhi already knew about the fight that took place in the club of Earthly Paradise last night. I didn’t know if someone called the police afterward, or Dong Xiaoye reported it to him behind my back. In short, Lin Zhi told me that in order to avoid similar incidents from happening again, Dong Xiaoye had been suspended for investigation. The reason for the suspension was that someone once reported that she and I were involved in Xu Heng’s case…

Of course, this was an excuse. Only when Dong Xiaoye was suspended would she follow me everywhere closely. This was the same as Lin Zhi’s suggestion that I shouldn’t go to work in Fengchang for the time being. After all, I couldn’t take my girlfriend to the company every day, right?

Lin Zhi didn’t tell me that the real reason for the suspension was the discovery of Xu Heng’s traces in the eastern region of the city. The police might be afraid of scaring me, or it might also be the need to keep the investigation confidential, they kept hiding this information from me. And the fight that occurred last night in Earthly Paradise just gave them an excuse to suspend Dong Xiaoye. It was just that this excuse was too far-fetched. But from this, it could also be seen that the police had so much work that it started to weigh them down.

Dong Xiaoye told me everything about Xu Heng last night, probably because she had guessed Lin Zhi’s plan in advance, and was certain that his reason would not be able to fool me… Or maybe she was just trying to remind me not to get too close to the Xiao family…

After a night of rest, Brother Wei and the others looked much better, at least much better than Dong Xiaoye, but their mood was obviously not that good; especially after I received a call from Liusu. After hearing Liusu say that Gong Fanlin did not go to the company today, they were so angry that she cursed repeatedly.

Liusu also didn’t talk like a lady on the phone. After finding out that Gong Fanlin not only did not come to the hospital to visit Brother Wei, but he also didn’t even make a phone call to ask if they were alright, she almost cursed Gong Fanlin’s whole family over the phone. She even said that she, Elder Sister Liu, and other colleagues would jointly ask Mo Fei to fire Gong Fanlin.

But this was meaningless. Gong Fanlin was indeed a scum, but he had not violated any of the company’s rules. Strictly speaking, the reason why he fought with the yellow-haired young man was that he was trying to stop him from harassing Qin Lan and Yao Wan’er. He had good intentions. It was just that he ran away in the end when he noticed that they were losing the fight. But they couldn’t use this reason to fire him, right? This was also the reason why Mo Fei didn’t make a statement last night. As a leader, she also had her difficulties.

I guessed Gong Fanlin felt embarrassed too, so he didn’t dare to show up today.

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