Star Odyssey - Chapter 845

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Deep in the Technocracy’s territory, the Arrow Mountain Elder chased after Yan Cheng. Soon, the two of them drew near the mechanical fortress housing countless spacecraft. This was the base from which the Technocracy attacked Endless Weave’s border, as well as the base for the Sixth Mainland cultivators. 

The Arrow Mountain Elder was delighted, as he wanted to destroy this mechanical fortress with his arrows. 

However, despite his intentions, a horrible sense of crisis suddenly descended upon the old powerhouse, and the Arrow Mountain Elder turned around in shock. Experts appeared in all directions around him, and there were even two powerhouses whose power levels exceeded 500,000 among them. Not only that, but even further away, there were several other experts with power levels exceeding 400,000. 

The entire region of space started trembling. 

The Arrow Mountain Elder’s eyes narrowed as Yan Cheng suddenly reappeared before him. The Imprinter’s originally feeble appearance had reverted back to his original state. “Native, did you really think that I had been severely injured by you? That you could actually injure me with your strength?” 

The Arrow Mountain Elder was overwhelmed, and he turned around to look behind himself. 

“There’s no need to look. Your Yuan Shi and that black Undying Bird have both been held back. Nobody can save you now,” Yan Cheng declared arrogantly. 

From another direction, Mojiang Shan indifferently said, “There are four Imprinters who have invaded the Fifth Mainland. One was killed by your arrow, two are here, and the last one has moved to obstruct that black Undying Bird of yours. There’s no need for us to take any chances.” 

The Arrow Mountain Elder was astonished. “You guys still had more Imprinters hidden!” 

“How can we win with a surprise move if we don’t do something like this? I can’t believe some failures who were defeated in the ancient war actually want to counterattack against us. What nonsense,” Yan Cheng coldly replied. 

The Arrow Mountain Elder looked towards that figure that was standing behind behind. It was evidently an android, and he marvelled in fascination. “It’s one of the Technocracy’s Envoy-level powerhouses. Those are rarely seen.” 

“Three Imprinter-level powerhouses have surrounded you. You should be proud. Alright, we’ll give you a chance to surrender. You can join our Sixth Mainland, and you will be placed under Ancestor Mojiang. With your strength, you will be given respect wherever you go,” Mojiang Shan said. 

The Arrow Mountain Elder was puzzled. “You guys prepared this ambush since long ago? How did you know that I would definitely be the one to counterattack?” 

Yan Cheng’s tone turned cold, “There’s no need for further nonsense. Surrender or die—choose!” 

The Arrow Mountain Elder stared hard at Yan Cheng. “Ever since that arrow of mine killed that Imprinter, you guys have been focused on the Greatwood Lavazone, so perhaps it wasn’t for revenge. What is it that you people want to gain from me?” 

Yan Cheng and Mojiang Shan exchanged glances before looking at the Arrow Mountain Elder. “That arrow, are there more of them?” 

The Arrow Mountain Elder’s gaze trembled. “What do you mean?” 

“Don’t you know the origins of that arrow?” Mojiang Shan’s eyes turned sharp. 

The Arrow Mountain Elder’s eyes flashed. “It’s been passed down since ancient times, and nobody knows its true origins. My ancestors obtained it through a lucky fated encounter. Could it be related to you people?” 

Mojiang Shan sneered. “It’s not strange that you guys don’t know its origins. Hand over the remaining arrows, and I can make the decision now to allow you to become an elder in my Mojiang bloodline, which means that you will be vouched for by the Mojiang blood. You will then be able to meet with the Bluedome Elder to receive an Empyrean Imprint, and once you succeed, your strength will improve by a significant amount. Of all the Bloodburn Realm’s super powerhouses, you will rank amongst the top ten.” 

Yan Cheng’s gaze trembled, as this Arrow Mountain Elder’s strength was similar to his own, but that was only after he used his imprint. If this really happened, then once the Arrow Mountain Elder succeeded in obtaining an Empyrean Imprint, the man would likely surpass Yan Cheng and join the ranks of the Bloodburn Realm’s top ten. 

The Arrow Mountain Elder answered in a low voice, “There are arrows, but you must first tell me their origin.” 

Mojiang Shan’s lips curled upwards, and he looked at the surrounded powerhouse with a cold expression on his face. “It would appear that you don’t have any plans of surrendering. Despite that, you actually think that you can weedle some information out of us? Nobody can save you now, and even if your entire Fifth Mainland gathered in this place, you wouldn’t be saved. Do you really want to die?” 

The Arrow Mountain Elder surveyed his surroundings, as each person gathered here was an absolute powerhouse. Even cultivators with a power level of 400,000 were capable of escaping from an Envoy once they used their imprints, and would thus be able to survive. Logically, it was indeed impossible for him to escape. 

He sighed, and in a bleak voice, said, “I never thought that after having lived for so many years, I would finally end up becoming a traitor. How tragic.” 

Mojiang Shan looked excited. “We are all humans, and it’s merely our standpoints that differ. There’s nothing to betray or anything to become a traitor of. Join my Mojiang bloodline, and not only you, but your descendants will also profit from this disaster. You will all become cultivators of our Sixth Mainland. There’s no need to hesitate. Hand over the remaining arrows and follow me.” 

The Arrow Mountain Elder showed a pained expression, and from his cosmic ring, he retrieved… the blood-red bell. 

At that moment, the Envoy level android suddenly tore through the void in an attempt to escape. Meanwhile, Mojiang Shan and Yan Cheng both felt their hearts drop, as a bad premonition welled up deep within them. 

The Arrow Mountain Elder shook the blood-red bell, and a crisp ringing sound emanated out from it. Suddenly, everyone in this nearly endless region of space, including the distant Greatwood Lavazone and the deeper regions of the Technocracy, was enveloped by the sound of the bell. Everyone who heard the bell felt an incredible pressure descend, and they were all suppressed by an endless might. They could not budge, and terror filled their hearts. 

A singular hand transcended through the void, suddenly appearing and grabbing the Arrow Mountain Elder before vanishing with the powerhouse. In the place where the man had been standing, there was now a mound of pyrolyte that suddenly exploded. 

Back in the Greatwood Lavazone, Lu Yin’s eyes were filled with terror. He watched the hand pass overhead while frozen in place. The sound of the bell was still ringing within his ears, and he could not move at all. Although it had only lasted for that instant, he had been absolutely suppressed when the Arrow Mountain Elder had shaken the blood-red bell. 

The next moment, the universe shuddered, and everyone looked in the direction of the Technocracy’s depths, not knowing what had just happened. 

In the depths of the Technocracy’s region, countless planets had been instantly obliterated. Naturally, Yan Cheng, Mojiang Shan, the Envoy-level android, the various powerhouses with power levels above 400,000, and even the distant mechanical fortress were all overwhelmed by the exploding pyrolyte. 

There had been close to over a hundred grams of pyrolyte there, and it had all been detonated simultaneously. 

The explosion of that much pyrolyte was roughly equivalent to an attack with a power level of over one million. Additionally, this mound of pyrolyte was most of what had been mined in the Astral Wilderness after the Outerverse was isolated. 

Detonating over one hundred grams of pyrolyte released the same amount of destructive power as an attack with a power level of over a million. Although it was different from an actual powerhouse’s attack with a power level of a million, destructive power was still destructive power. 

The mechanical fortress and the experts with power levels of around 400,000 were instantly turned vaporized. Only Yan Cheng, Mojiang Shan, and that Envoy-level android were barely able to resist the explosion. However, even Yan Cheng was not able to completely withstand such a terrifying power. Coupled with his injuries from earlier battles, he was quickly torn to shreds by the explosion. Mojiang Shan ended up being severely injured with his body nearly being split apart. Finally, the android was left with only half of its body left, and it shakily flew back into the depths of the Technocracy’s territory. 

The aftershock of the explosion even struck the border, and the shockwave nearly caused the dark lava mainland of the Greatwood Lavazone to fly away. 

Lu Yin was excited, as this meant that their plan should have succeeded. 

That explosion had a destructive power of over a million, and despite the pyrolyte being detonated so deep in the Technocracy’s territory, the shockwave had still been that powerful when it struck the border, which was truly terrifying. 

The majority of people did not know what had just happened. All they could tell was that it felt like an indescribable explosion had occurred in the depths of outer space. 

Above the Greatwood Lavazone, Yuan Shi appeared while holding on to the Arrow Mountain Elder. Yuan Shi then turned to look back at the Technocracy, a hint of apprehension flashing across his eyes. 

Something like pyrolyte was normally not much of a threat to powerhouses at Yuan Shi’s level. Actually, it wasn’t actually much of a threat to experts whose power levels were higher than 500,000 because any explosion-based attack took a bit of time to propagate. Even if it took a millisecond for the explosion to trigger, that millisecond was a lot of time to such powerhouses, and they would have plenty of time to escape. 

However, if they were not able to escape during that split second, then pyrolyte could become a calamity for them. 

As he thought about it, Yuan Shi looked at the blood-red bell in the Arrow Mountain Elder’s hand. If not for that bell, even a few hundred grams of pyrolyte would have been useless. 

When the various great powers of the Innerverse had fought each other to mine pyrolyte in the past, the Hall of Honor had not minded, and this was why. 

Pyrolyte was a powerful support in battles, but it was not very threatening to peak experts.

However, who would have expected that someone in the Outerverse would have a method that could momentarily stun those absolute experts? 

Lu Yin saw that Yuan Shi and the Arrow Mountain Elder were safe and sound, as well as the blood-red bell. He heaved a sigh of relief, as it seemed that their plan had succeeded. 

This was not Lu Yin’s first time pulling off this kind of plan. In the past, he had used the combination of his universal armor and Progenitor Wushang's hide to stun Enlighters before killing them with his gun. The plan with the pyrolyte was basically identical to his plan back then, though the implementer of the plan this time had been the Arrow Mountain Elder. 

Lu Yin hoped that the Sixth Mainland had suffered drastic losses this time, which would give the Fifth Mainland some room to breathe. 

The Sixth Mainland had indeed suffered horrible casualties during this attack, and the damage that they had suffered exceeded even Lu Yin’s best expectations. 

He had thought that it would be quite decent if they had killed just a single Imprinter with the pyrolyte trap, but in the end, not only had Yan Cheng died, but they had also severely injured Mojiang Shan and the Envoy-level android from the Technocracy. On top of that, the various powerhouses with power levels of around 400,000 had been eliminated along with one of the mechanical fortresses. 

That was essentially eliminating all of the threats that existed to the west of Endless Weave’s border. At this moment, aside from Ancestor Mojiang and the Imprinter who had obstructed Yen Phoenix, there were no other powerhouses at their level, and there were not even that many experts left whose power levels were above 300,000. 

When Ancestor Mojiang saw Mojiang Shan’s miserable state, he was heartbroken. The competition within the Sixth Mainland was cruel, and there were only three Imprinters among the Mojiang bloodline, including Ancestor Mojiang himself. At this moment, Mojiang Shan had basically been crippled, and it would take him at least a hundred years to fully recover. This was also under the condition that they used the full influence of a World Imprinter family to mobilize the best treatment methods. If an ordinary cultivator suffered such a horrendous injury, then even if they were an Imprinter, such wounds would be devastating and typically be fatal. 

“Fifth Mainland natives, I will deal with all of you!” Ancestor Mojiang bellowed, and his voice turned into visible ripples that caused space itself to tremble. The ripples spread all the way to the Greatwood Lavazone and entered many ears. 

Many people with lower cultivations were injured by the sound waves, and some even bled from their orifices. 

In outer space, the Arrow Mountain Elder heard Ancestor Mojiang’s anger, and he hurriedly said, “Yuan Shi, counterattack! This is the best time.” 

Yuan Shi nodded, and his figure suddenly disappeared. The Arrow Mountain Elder knew that Yuan Shi was going to obstruct Ancestor Mojiang, and he immediately shouted, “Everyone, ATTACK!” 

The leaked rumors of a counterattack had not been false; it was just that the timing had been delayed a little. 

The Sixth Mainland had learned that the Greatwood Lavazone wanted to retaliate, and they had attempted to exploit those plans by abducting the Arrow Mountain Elder. This was the crux of Wei Rong’s plan, as he had intentionally leaked this information to the Sixth Mainland. Of course, this was all hinging on the presumption that his predictions were accurate. 

Wei Rong himself had not been too confident in this plan, but Lu Yin had been, because he knew that Wei Rong had guessed correctly. 

This level of scheming, combined with a degree of luck and certain power vessels, had led to the battle becoming an unexpected success. 

The counterattack that was unleashed soon after the plan was led by thousands of Neo-Vestige Sect disciples firing arrows at the Sixth Mainland cultivators and the androids that had not been affected by the pyrolyte explosion. 

These arrows were not formed from star energy. Rather, they were real, especially the arrowheads that had been smeared with a poison that Lu Yin had sold to the Arrow Mountain Elder before the plan was initiated. This poison had been diluted many times before being distributed to the Neo-Vestige Sect disciples. 

As the rain of arrows fell down, every time an enemy was struck, the poison caused that individual to be instantly corroded, regardless of their cultivation. This poison was so potent that even elites with power levels over 300,000 were corroded. 

This terrifying poison instantly became the enemy’s worst nightmare, especially alongside the recent deaths of Yan Cheng and the others. Ancestor Mojiang had no choice but to give up on the invasion, and he ordered a full retreat.

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