Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 60

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“Miss, am I really a student of the Heavenly Phoenix Academy now?” Feng Da asked in disbelief .

“Of course . Not only you, but all of you are as well . ” Leng Ruoxue looked at the others, who were looking at Feng Da with envy, and then gave a badge to each of them .

“Big Brother Feng, this is yours,” Leng Ruoxue said .

“Me too?”

“Of course . You are part of the main force of the Academy Competition in two months!” Leng Ruoxue said . She had to get first place in this Academy Competition, not for the Heavenly Phoenix Academy but for her brother .

“May I talk to you?” Fu Mingyuan stopped Leng Ruoxue and the others as soon as they entered the academy .

Leng Ruoxue was speechless .  Why do people like to lie in wait for me by blocking the door so much?

“I don’t think I know you?” Leng Ruoxue said indifferently .  Meeting only once doesn’t mean we know each other, right?

“I am Fu Mingyuan, Fu Mingzhu’s elder brother . ”

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Leng Ruoxue asked .

“I want to make a deal with you . Could we talk in private?” Fu Mingyuan asked .

“Of course not . But what deal? Tell me about it . ” Leng Ruoxue glanced at Ye Chen and the others .

“I can choose not to withdraw from the Sacred Hall, but I have a request!” Fu Mingyuan said .

“What request?”

“I want crystal honey,” Fu Mingyuan said . The Fu family had asked many people and visited many auction houses and businesses, but they couldn’t find any . However, he believed that Leng Ruoxue would definitely have some .

“Do you think I will give any to you?”

“The incident of everyone withdrawing from the Sacred Hall has become a very big matter now . Many influential families are displeased with you, and you have almost aroused public anger . So there will only be benefits for you if I’m willing to stay . Please consider it!” Fu Mingyuan said matter-of-factly .

“I’m sorry . You think too highly of yourself . I don’t care about a few clowns . As for the crystal honey, I don’t have any,” Leng Ruoxue said indifferently .

“You… will regret it . ” Fu Mingyuan left after saying this .

“Ruoxue, they are…” Lin Liang couldn’t help asking as he looked at the 16 people standing in front of him .

“They are the people I mentioned . Fifteen Spiritual Monarchs and one intermediate Spiritual Sovereign,” Leng Ruoxue said . She specially brought them to the principal’s office to let Grandpa Lin take a look so that he could feel at ease .

“Good, good, good . But Ruoxue, this isn’t enough people . There are thirty spots for the Academy Competition!” Lin Liang said . If there weren’t enough people, they wouldn’t be able to participate in the team competition, which would affect the final total score .

“Grandpa Lin, please issue an announcement . I want to arrange a test . All Great Spiritualists are eligible to participate . I will select thirty Great Spiritualists to join the Sacred Hall . ”

“Great Spiritualists joining the Sacred Hall? No, Great Spiritualists aren’t qualified to join the Sacred Hall,” Lin Liang said . Since the establishment of the Heavenly Phoenix Academy, there had been no precedent for a Great Spiritualist to join the Sacred Hall . Moreover, their academy wouldn’t be able to hold its head high in front of the other major academies, the Rising Dragon Academy and the Lunar Shadow Academy, if he agreed to let Great Spiritualists join the Sacred Hall .

“What if I can make them advance to Spiritual Monarch?” Leng Ruoxue also knew that letting Great Spiritualists join the Sacred Hall would affect the academy, so she didn’t plan on letting them join the Sacred Hall directly .

“What did you say?” Lin Liang widened his eyes at Leng Ruoxue .

“I have spiritual essence pills that can make them directly advance to Spiritual Monarch,” Leng Ruoxue said .

“Spiritual essence pills? Do you have thirty spiritual essence pills?” Lin Liang asked in disbelief . Thirty people would require 30 spiritual essence pills . Even an alchemist wouldn’t dare to say that they had 30 spiritual essence pills in their hands . It was known that spiritual essence pills were very difficult to concoct .

“Of course . ”


Leng Ruoxue took out a jade bottle . Lin Liang immediately grabbed it impatiently, opened the bottle cap, and sniffed . They were indeed spiritual essence pills, but the smell seemed a little different from what he knew . It was more fragrant and pure, and the quality was much better than what he had seen .

“Where did you get them?” Lin Liang asked in surprise .  This girl has so many secrets . No wonder Ruohan recommended her to compete in his stead .

“I concocted them myself . ” Leng Ruoxue had already decided not to conceal her identity as an alchemist from Grandpa Lin .  Alas, I originally wanted to keep a low profile, but those people just won’t stop .

“Are you also an alchemist?” This was simply a pleasant surprise . This girl was at least a Master Alchemist since she could concoct spiritual essence pills!

“Yes, Grandpa Lin . This is a secret!”

“Oh, I know . ” Since Ruoxue didn’t want to reveal it, of course he would keep it a secret .

“Ruoxue, everyone knows that their cultivation speed will be much slower after taking a spiritual essence pill . The students of our academy are one in a million and have the best aptitude . I’m afraid they won’t agree!” Lin Liang said . The students of their academy didn’t need to take a spiritual essence pill at all . Advancing to Spiritual Monarch was just a matter of time for them .

“Principal, we have all taken the spiritual essence pills concocted by Miss . It has been less than three months, and I am already an advanced Spiritual Monarch!” Lin Yuan, who received Leng Ruoxue’s gaze, said hurriedly .

“Re-really?” Lin Liang said in astonishment . If that was the case, wouldn’t these spiritual essence pills be even harder to obtain?

“Of course . But only the spiritual essence pills concocted by Miss have such an effect . Others don’t have it . ” Lin Yuan was in full admiration of the young lady now . She was his idol, his goddess!

“Ruoxue, is that true?” Lin Liang looked eagerly at Leng Ruoxue with bright eyes .

“Yes . After taking one of my spiritual essence pills, it can improve a person’s constitution, and their cultivation speed will also become faster in the future . ” Leng Ruoxue didn’t deny it .

“This is really great!” Lin Liang was so happy that he was dancing with joy .  Let’s see what those people dare to say now .

“Xue’er, when do you plan to start this test?” Lin Liang asked .

“A week later . Give them some time to think it through carefully,” Leng Ruoxue said .

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