The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Let Them Fight Over for You
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She was not good at acting coquettish in the first place . Hence, while slamming her fist on the chair next to him, she bellowed, “Wu Xingye, if you are not going to take this assignment, I’ll hammer you! Every day!” The chair broke into two .

Wu Xingye: “…”

Am I a masochist? Why didn’t I agree to it when she asked me nicely at first…? I didn’t want to be threatened in this way…

“How many days of going undercover do I need to do?”

“That depends on your ability . If you’re able to find out what I’m looking for, you don’t even need to stay for a day!”

Wu Xingye: “…”

Those who worked at Know-All Agency were capable, to begin with . Including the fact that he did not like the idea of being groped like a gigolo, he was able to get the information she wanted within three days .

That very night, Mu Huan returned to the Prince clubhouse and asked for the star of the clubhouse again .

The lead host did not expect Mu Huan to appear once more and to specifically ask for him .

“Well, well, well, it looks like you do have your ways . You’re being called again just after your last appointment . Furthermore, I heard it’s a pretty girl this time,” the clubhouse’s second-in-place sneered jealously .

He refused to acknowledge his competitor and simply walked out after putting on his clothes .

“Who do you think you are?! Do you think you are a class above us by snubbing us? Don’t you forget that you are dirtier than us by having more bookings!”

The lead host was already at the door when he heard that . Clenching his fists tightly, he finally strode off without a word .

After leaving the clubhouse with Mu Huan, the lead host turned to her and said, “Little lass, treasure your life . Don’t waste your life away by trying to get the adults’ attention just because you are feeling lonely or empty within . ”

He did not like to sell his body, and neither did he want to see a girl destroying her life because of a rebellious moment .

“I’m not here to destroy myself . I’m here to make a deal with you,” she told him quietly .

He was startled to hear that .

“Let’s change our location, this is not a place for a discussion . ” She swept her gaze across the surroundings as she spoke .

Although he did not think he could make any deal with a girl like her, he obliged and left with her .

She brought him to a safe place for a discussion .

“Help me by seducing two women and making them fight over you . In return, I’ll rescue your sister and give you a sum of money for both of you to escape!”

Her forthrightness shocked the man thoroughly!

“What do you mean?”

“I know you are not willingly working for the clubhouse . You came from a decent family and used to be an educator . However, something tragic happened in your family and you owe the boss of this clubhouse a big sum of money . Your younger sister is in his hands right now, that’s why you are being forced to do this . ”

Because of his excellent upbringing, he did not have the usual shifty and wanton mannerisms that the rest of the gigolos did . Instead, he emanated a refreshing sense of charm .

At that time, when she saw him with his good looks, charisma, and background, an idea formed quickly in her mind .

Moreover, as she communicated further with him and realized that he was actually reluctant to be touched by women or to snarl their money, she knew there must be something fishy going on . It was strange for an unwilling man to become the lead host at the club .

She wanted to use him, that was why she got Wu Xingye to investigate further .

“I don’t know what you mean . I’m leaving if you don’t want my service . ” He stood up to leave .

“Your sister is really pretty . And I was told that the boss plans to train her to receive men at his male clubhouse even though she’s only 14 . ” When she heard this from Wu Xingye, she was disgusted with the boss’s intention to use an underage girl .

Even if the lead host refused the deal, she would still find a way to rescue that little girl . Of course, she could not let him know that .

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