The Records of the Human Emperor - Chapter 2207

Chapter 2207: 2207

Chapter 2207: The Nine Cauldron Division Displays Its Might!


The Yeluohe that had been knocked into the air suddenly began to explode . Those nearly invincible bodies that could endure an enormous number of attacks burst into shards of ice that rained down from the skies in a magnificent display .


The eyes of the Divine Works Elder almost fell out of their sockets in disbelief .

“How could something like this happen? Impossible!”

No one understood the truth of the Yeluohe more than him, for he had been one of their creators .

These Yeluohe were the fusion of corpses with the life energy of another world . From a certain perspective, they were already dead . Thus, no matter what fatal wounds they received, so long as their head remained, they would not be destroyed .

The King Ape’s metal cudgel was merely a physical attack, and to the undying Yeluohe, this sort of attack actually had the weakest effect .

In normal circumstances, the King Ape’s cudgel should have been able to kill one Yeluohe at most, certainly not cause several hundred of them to explode into shards of ice in the air .

This was clearly abnormal . Something fishy was going on!

The Divine Works Elder swiftly scanned the battlefield and soon discovered something strange .

The King Ape held that imposing cudgel in its right hand, so everyone was drawn to the right, but the Divine Works Elder noticed that the King Ape was holding something else in its left hand .

“That seems to be… some sort of cauldron .

“No! Impossible! How could something like that appear here!?”

The Divine Works Elder staggered back a few steps, his body trembling in shock .

A Zhuan Xu Cauldron!

(TN: Zhuan Xu was the Yellow Emperor’s grandson and is considered one of the Five Emperors . )

As a thought ran through the Divine Works Elder’s mind, his face scowled .

“How could this be? The Zhuan Xu Cauldrons have been lost for nearly one thousand years . We spent ages looking for them, and not even Heaven knows where they are . How was he able to find one?”

The Divine Works Elder’s lips were trembling in shock .

The Divine Works Elder was not a powerful fighter like Genesis Supreme, but through the powerful methods of the Celestial God Organization, he had obtained a lifespan of countless years . He knew almost all the treasures and ritual tools of the world .

This was not the first time a Zhuan Xu Cauldron had appeared . This was perhaps the only thing that could counter the power in the Yeluohe .

No! Not only could it counter the Yeluohe, it was extremely effective against the life energy from that other world .

This was an enormous threat to the Celestial God Organization .

The Divine Works Elder was so frantic with worry that he couldn’t help but bellow at the front, “Destroy that cauldron!”

He finally understood what the army Wang Chong had sent out was for .


Wang Chong heard this voice, and his gaze crossed the battlefield and noticed the Divine Works Elder in the rear of the alliance army .

Though he had never seen this man before, that emblematic black robe on his body immediately made Wang Chong realize what sort of man this was .

“It seems there’s still someone smart on the other side!”

Wang Chong grinned .

With these words alone, he could tell that this old fellow wasn’t an ordinary person . This was probably someone of extremely high status in the men in black, but Wang Chong didn’t care that this man had seen the truth . This was all within his expectations, and there was no one who could take one of the Divine Land Cauldrons from him .


With a bellow, Zhao Jingdian, who had been missing for some time now, pulled out his sword and led the tens of thousands of soldiers of the Nine Cauldron Division in a charge against the Yeluohe .

The Yeluohe were simply too strong, the thirty thousand soldiers tearing through the Tang formation in a storm . The Nine Heavens, Ten Earths God-Devil Annihilation Formation was already on the verge of crumbling .


Hooves thundered as Wang Chong’s Nine Cauldron Division charged onto the battlefield .


At the same time, Wang Chong’s giant ape also threw itself into the fray! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Looking at one of the Yeluohe, a Nine Cauldron Division horseman charged out like an arrow from its bow, and as he charged fearlessly forward, he swung his saber at his foe .


Weapons clashed as the two sides began to fiercely battle .

The Nine Cauldron Division soldiers were not much stronger than the surrounding soldiers .

But when the saber swung down, the result was completely different .

Crack! The right arm of that seemingly unstoppable Yeluohe began to snap and fracture, countless tiny cracks appearing across its surface .

The seemingly indifferent Yeluohe also showed a hint of emotion, shock appearing in those crimson eyes .

“Attack its right hand! Hurry!” the Nine Cauldron Division horseman roared .

The surrounding Tang elites felt as if they had awoken from a dream, and joined that soldier in frenziedly attacking that Yeluohe .


A few moments later, the Yeluohe’s right arm shattered like glass, and the right hand holding the rusted sword thudded to the ground .


Right after, another horseman of the Nine Cauldron Division swung his saber at that Yeluohe . His Stellar Energy was infused with a special energy, and with each swing, a dark golden energy that was difficult to detect flew out of his body, along his weapon, and into the Yeluohe’s body .

This energy was not powerful, but as the thin strands penetrated into the Yeluohe, they wreaked havoc on its body .

These thin strands of dark golden energy seemed to be capable of completely dissolving the structure of the Yeluohe .


A few moments later, after a flurry of attacks, the eyes of the Yeluohe, which had been flickering like a candle, suddenly went out .

The imposing body toppled off the horse, now utterly devoid of life and energy .

“It-it really worked!”

When that Yeluohe finally fell over, the surrounding Tang elites found it hard to conceal the shock in their eyes . With their advantage in numbers, they had really managed to kill one of the unkillable Yeluohe .

“Hurry! Work with the others to break them!” that Nine Cauldron Division horseman called out, his voice urgent and his chest heaving, large beads of sweat trickling down his pale face . It was clear that the battle just now had been extremely taxing on him .

The Nine Cauldron Division had been formed very recently, and only they understood how difficult this sort of battle was . The Nine Cauldron energy in their bodies was extremely weak and could not persist for very long .

And without this energy, the battle would have had an entirely different result .


As the Nine Cauldron Division joined the battle, the seemingly unstoppable Yeluohe finally ran into a roadblock . Their speed slowed as Yeluohe began to fall to the ground . In just a few short moments, at least one thousand of the Yeluohe had fallen to the cold ground .

“What’s going on with those soldiers?”

An Lushan’s eyes flew open, his face paling .

“This bastard! Where did he get soldiers like these from?

“Impossible! There’s no army in the world that should be able to contend against the Yeluohe!”

An Lushan scowled .

For this war, when he only had six or seven thousand Yeluohe, he had already been bursting with confidence, believing that these were enough to sweep over the world and obtain the final victory .

However, he could see that while this Tang army was still no match for the Yeluohe, it still had the ability to resist .

Nearly two thousand Yeluohe had died in these few moments . If not for the twenty thousand Yeluohe that Genesis Supreme had sent over, his Yeluohe would have been quickly ground down by Wang Chong .

“This bastard!

“Even if I lose all my soldiers, I’ll have his head!”

An Lushan clenched his teeth in rage, his eyes thick with killing intent .

He truly was a little afraid now . Wang Chong had far too many tricks . He couldn’t even tell which was Wang Chong’s real body, let alone fight with him!

“Kill them all! Leave no one alive!”

An Lushan’s face darkened as a mysterious symbol appeared on his forehead . A moment later, a powerful stream of Psychic Energy shot out and linked him with the Yeluohe .

This was a special mark that Genesis Supreme had left him . Through this symbol, An Lushan could directly order all of the Yeluohe .


Following An Lushan’s will, the Yeluohe let out inhuman roars, their bodies erupting with deathly energy . They began to crazily attack the Tang army with several times their previous force .

Plush! Plush! Plush! Cold light flashed as the weapons swept across the bodies of the Nine Cauldron soldiers, blood spurting out as they dropped lifelessly to the ground .

In this battle, the Yeluohe remained a formidable threat to the Nine Cauldron Division .

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