Chapter 941: 941

“You can,” Little Lin said .

 Yan Qingsi was elated . She could finally make a call . She quickly called Yue Tingfeng . Thank goodness she remembered Yue Tingfeng’s phone number .

 She wheeled around and entered . Little Lin wanted to go in as well . “I’m going to make a call,” Yan Qingsi said, smiling, “can you please wait for me outside? You…should talk properly with Yuchi for a while . He’s such a nice young man . Don’t miss your chance . If I didn’t have a boyfriend already, I wouldn’t be able to just let him slip by . You have to take a leap of faith . It definitely won’t go wrong . ”

 Little Lin’s face instantly reddened . “Ahem… I–I…I… You should hurry up and make the call . ”

 Yan Qingsi closed the door . She called Yue Tingfeng’s number automatically . Nobody picked up the call after a while . She called him again .

 The call went through a few moments later . “Hello? Who is it…” Yan Qingsi heard Yue Tingfeng’s impatient voice .

 Furthermore, there was a lot of background noise on the other side of the call . He was probably outside .

 “Well…since you don’t want to talk to me, I’ll just hang up,” Yan Qingsi replied on purpose .

 Yue Tingfeng was stunned when he heard Yan Qingsi’s voice . “Wait…” he cried out, “I didn’t hear wrong, did I? Is it you, Qingsi?”

 The corners of Yan Qingsi’s lips lifted . “Who else could it be if it isn’t me?”

 Yan Qingsi felt her entire body relaxed when she heard Yue Tingfeng’s voice . Sure, Xia Anlan was nice to her, but they had only met for a few days .

 “How are you? Are you better?” Yue Tingfeng immediately fired the questions . “Did anybody bully you these few days?”

 Yan Qingsi’s mouth curled into a smile at his worried tone . “I’m better already . I’m fine . Now…there’s probably no one bullying me . ”

 Her uncle was Xia Anlan . Who dared to raise a hand against her now?

 Yue Tingfeng was about to go through customs . “Right, Qingsi, are you in Rong City now?” he asked hurriedly .

 “Mmhmm . I’m in Rong City . I can go back after a few days . ”

She would go back after her grandmother’s condition has improved and stabilized . She still wanted to live her own life . Be in love, film dramas, and perhaps…get married .

 “Qingsi, wait for me . ”

 He hung up once he said the words . He finally heard Yan Qingsi’s voice after so many days . He did not feel at ease though . Rather, he was even more eager to see her, to hug her .

 His entire heart was given to her . Without her around, he felt as though his soul had flown away along with her .

 Yan Qingsi held the phone, stunned . Jeez . It had not been easy for her to make one call, and he just hung up after a few sentences .

 Yan Qingsi felt a little irate . How could he?

 Then she suddenly thought of something . Her eyes lit up . Holy cr*p…he could not be…

Xia Anlan was in two consecutive meetings . He did not have lunch together with Yan Qingsi . He just simply shoveled in a few mouthfuls and instructed someone to provide Yan Qingsi with plenty of food . He practically had no rest before he continued working .

 By the time he was done, it was four in the afternoon . He rushed over to see Qingsi .

 “Have you been waiting anxiously?”

 Yan Qingsi shook her head . “Not really . I’m not that bored since I have a phone . ” Yan Qingsi sent a Wechat message to Mrs . Yue, Ji Mianmian and Miss Mai, telling them she was safe . She even posted on Weibo . The time passed by quickly .

 “Come on . I’ll bring you back home . ”

 “Uncle, are you…married?” Yan Qingsi asked out of curiosity while they were on the way back .

 “No,” Xia Anlan replied .

 “But there are rumors on the internet that you married a long time ago . Your son is already a teenager . ”

 Xia Anlan chuckled, stroking Yan Qingsi’s head . “I don’t have a son,” he said, his voice full of affection, “I only have a niece . You’re my only child!”