Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself - Chapter 1002

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Chapter 1002: Extra Chapter 2: A Paternity Test

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Bo Chengcheng turned around and looked at Jiang Yeqing. “Has Wenxin done anything outrageous? Why do they want to kill her?”

Jiang Yeqing’s lips quivered as if he was at a loss for words.

Seeing this, Bo Chengcheng frowned and said impatiently, “If you can’t even tell me that, Jiang Yeqing, how do you expect me to believe you?”

With that, she struggled even harder to break free. Jiang Yeqing tightened his grip on her arm and said, “It’s because of my adoptive father. They offended many people in the early years of their business. My adoptive father died in their hands. In order to escape from them, my adoptive mother brought Wenxin to Guang City, but…”

“It’s been fine for so many years. Why is it happening only now?” Bo Chengcheng sneered. “Are you stupid or am I stupid?”

“They couldn’t locate her, so…”

“They haven’t been able to locate her for so many years. Why have they suddenly located her now?” Bo Chengcheng was still obsessed with this point. She continued, “If there was really such a deep hatred between them and her, they should have made a move on Wenxin when she was living with her mother in Guang City, right? From what you’ve said, your godmother died by suicide two years ago. After that, you brought Wenxin to live in One Mansion, right?”

Stunned, Jiang Yeqing replied. “Yes.”

“Wenxin is mentally ill?”

Jiang Yeqing looked at her and nodded gravely. “I was the one who caused it. At that time, her mother’s body was rotting and I forced her to take a look. It was at that time that her mental health started to deteriorate. The doctor said that it was only the trigger for her mental illness. In reality, she had suffered quite a number of blows when she was very young, but it didn’t manifest…”

“Then do you know…” Bo Chengcheng stared at him and continued, “She had called me repeatedly and wanted to meet with me.”

Jiang Yeqing opened his mouth and shook his head.

“Then do you know that she sent me her pregnancy test report two years ago? At that time, she kept begging to see you, she said that you refused to see her…”

Jiang Yeqing seemed anxious upon hearing this and said, “She was looking for me because she needed money. At that time, she wanted to go for an abortion, but she couldn’t find me. The nanny didn’t have any money either, so the matter was delayed. In the end, two months had already passed before she managed to get in touch with me. The child was already four to five months old. The doctor said that her life would be in danger if she got an abortion…”

“Well then, would you dare go for a paternity test with them, I’ll come along?”

Before Jiang Yeqing could answer, Bo Chengcheng continued, “As long as you prove that you have nothing to do with her, I will believe you.”

As Bo Chengcheng spoke, she stared intently at his expression, as if to ensure she wouldn’t miss a single detail.

Jiang Yeqing was overjoyed and said, “No problem. That child has nothing to do with me. Nothing had ever happened between Wenxin and me!”

When Jiang Yeqing said this, he seemed relieved. He held her hand tightly and pulled her into his embrace. “Wifey, I’ve really never done anything to betray you. If I’m lying, let me be struck by lightning and die a horrible death, I’m serious!”

Bo Chengcheng struggled for a moment, but eventually calmed down and said, “This person Wenxin makes me very uncomfortable. Jiang Yeqing, if you really care about me, I hope you will stay away from her.”

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