Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Dragon Fang Shield

Time passed slowly . I did not disappoint anyone and kept hold of the boss's aggro . This time, everyone was fighting together but still needed almost 20 minutes to slowly whittle down the boss’s HP bar . This Lizard King’s survivability was in a league of its own!

"The boss is about to die!"

Lin Yixin had an excited expression and said, "Purple Gold, please drop Purple Gold~~"

My right arm felt cold .  Purgatory Slash is coming!


The sword energy penetrated the lizard’s head and caused a huge damage number to float up—11094!

Very good . The last attack was a critical Purgatory Slash!

Accompanied by screams, this Level 90 Purple Gold Rank boss’s savage and greedy life came to an abrupt end . As it was falling down it dropped a huge pile of equips, Phantasmal Magic Stones and their higher tier equivalent—Purple Crystals . These rare stones were essentially money . Supposedly, one Purple Crystal would cost between 10–1000 gold . This meant a 99 Quality Purple Crystal could be sold for 990 gold, almost a thousand RMB!


"Finally done!"

The crowd walked over to see the dead boss . Lin Yixin even kicked the boss's leg and said to He Yi, "That All-round Sweep hurt like hell…”

He Yi nodded . "True, true . . . "

The men were stunned .

I looked at the two girls with my bruised face and said, "It hurt you? I was being whipped by it for 20 whole minutes! Can you imagine how miserable my life was?"

The two girls laughed and pushed me forward . "You are the hero, go look at the items . No one will object to you touching the corpse!"


I didn't care who would object, and kicked aside the lizard king's claw . I dug out the pile of Phantasmal Magic Stones and Purple Crystals and threw them to He Yi . "Eve, you divide the stones!"


This time, there were Purple Crystals, so everyone chose to roll for them . Their price was much higher than Phantasmal Magic Stones’, so everyone wanted a piece of the pie . Everyone wanted to get rich in the game!

The results were tragic . I didn’t manage to get any, He Yi got three, and with high quality to boot . Lin Yixin got two . There was no reason in the world . Rich were only getting richer, and the poor ones had to roll for cheap stuff like the Phantasmal Magic Stones .


Then I raised the equipment that the boss had dropped . There were four items . Metal wristguards, a battle axe, a shield, and a glittering gold necklace . Then there was a green book . It didn't look like a skill book, so I wasn’t sure what it was .

First, I picked up the glistening metal wristguards . I touched it and their stats appeared—


Lizard King Wristguards (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 150

Magic Resist: 125

Strength +47

Stamina: +50

Passive: Increases user's Defense by 3%

Passive: Decreases user's max HP by 10%

Level Requirement: 82


Mn, very praiseworthy wristguards . Much stronger than the Flame Dragon Gauntlets I wore . I raised the wristguards and said, "I am starting the roll system . All melee players can participate . Everyone, don't be polite, the highest roll gets it . This is all down to luck!"

While I said this, I wailed inside, "Heavens, let me roll 100 . I want these wristguards too~~"

Yet the heavens did not follow my will . I rolled 91 . Relatively high, but after everyone’s rolls, it turned out that there was someone better . Snowy Cathaya's Purple Marquis used his transcendent luck of 97 to snatch the wristguards . The other people were disappointed, and Lin Yixin looked bitterly at me .


Lin Yixin sent a message: "Why didn’t you hide these wristguards? We could roll for them ourselves after finishing the quest . . . "

"Damn, I’m not like you . . . " I glared at her .

Lin Yixin chuckled and said, "Quick, there are more items to split!"


I looked at the battle axe blazing with light . It appeared very good . When the stats appeared, the surrounding melee players were stunned—


Lizard King Battle Axe (Dark Gold–grade)

Attack: 150~325

Strength: +37

Stamina: +44

Passive: Increases user's physical Attack by 20

Passive: Increases the splash effect by 6%

Level Requirement: 82


Tsk tsk, a Level 82 Dark Gold–grade axe . Very good . Its upper Attack was 325, equal to Lin Yixin's Moonlight Sword, and better than He Yi's Abyssal Sword . Of course, He Yi had a super strong Soul Stealing Spear in her warehouse . She could equip it after reaching Level 85 . Also, after the Violet Empire reestablishment war was over, if the quest rewards were as abundant as I expected, she had a real shot at soaring straight to 85 from her current 82 .

This time, there were 19 people who had managed to survive the waves of the Skull Castle siege . Everyone's levels had shot up greatly . Without a doubt, Heavenly Ranking of Floating Ice City would change dramatically .

I looked at the Lizard King Battle Axe and said, "Although it is a specialized equipment for melee classes and barbarians, all magic knights, warriors, and wanderers can use it . Let's roll?"


The crowd wanted to burn incense and pray to the gods to up their luck a bit . This Lizard King Battle Axe's stats were so strong that if it was sold, its price would exceed thirty thousand RMB . Such a fortune was a dice roll away . Sometimes, life was a gamble!

Pa pa pa . . .

The dice rolled around on the ground . Soon, the numbers popped out of the system screen . I had 41, no hope at all . He Yi got 11, and Lin Yixin 17 . These two were some unlucky girls .

In the end, Xu Yang's luck skyrocketed, and he took the Lizard King Battle Axe with 100 points .  Good .  Xu Yang was a warrior, and his race was barbarian . This kind of brutal manly class could cause young girls to tremble, and young women to fall in love . With this awesome battle axe, Xu Yang would become the idol of middle-aged and old women .

Recently, a large group of older female players had appeared in the game . They supposedly focused on barbarian warriors like Xu Yang . They thought that men should have chest hair and large bodies . Only those could be called true men . They would get exchange addresses and do all kinds of… transactions .

I looked sympathetically at Xu Yang and wondered if this guy was involved .

Xu Yang held the battle axe and was overjoyed . But when he met my gaze, he shuddered . "Lu Chen, what are you thinking about?"

"No, nothing, is the weapon good?"

"Yes, it’s not bad, wahahahaha~~"

Xu Yang laughed wildly . Honestly speaking, since the start of the game, this guy had never held such a high-level weapon . In the previous game, his best weapon would rank in the 5000s of the server . This Lizard King Battle Axe was amazing, and could rank in the Top 50 or even Top 10 of the China server!

Would I end up a volunteer again? The Lizard King was whipping me for 20 whole minutes, and my face was all bruised . In the end, would I only get two Phantasmal Magic Stones to show for it? Was my life this miserable?

I took out the third item . It was a simple and thick azure shield . A snarling beast face was engraved into the surface of the shield . The engraving was bright . The shield clearly wasn’t ordinary . As I touched the shield, its stats jumped into the air—


Dragon Fang Shield (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 300

Magic Resist: 185

Strength: +50

Stamina: +48

Passive: Increases user's Defense by 10%

Passive: Increases user's physical evasion rate by 7%

Level Requirement: 85


Immediately, everyone's expressions froze . While this was only a Level 85 Dark Gold–grade item, its stats were insane . Its Defense and Magic Resist were super-high, and there was even a 10% Defense boost . This shield could turn a weak knight into a steel board!

Shield-type equipment could only be worn by magic knights . There were only two knights present, He Yi and Gui Guzi .

I couldn’t be biased and said, "Eve, Little Gui, you two roll . The winner gets the shield!"

He Yi shook her head . "No need, I forfeit . Give it to Gui Guzi . I am so weak . This shield will only be of effect in his hands!"

I laughed . I understood He Yi's intentions . If Gui Guzi got the Dragon Fang Shield, it would create a super strong meatshield player for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls . Also, this was a sign that He Yi was not yet confident in the game . Although she said this, I still hoped she would use this shield and get stronger .

Gui Guzi immediately revealed his upright character upon hearing He Yi and said, "Boss He Yi, no need . Let's roll . If you want me to selfishly take this shield, I would rather leave Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"


He Yi paled and hurriedly said, "Alright, let’s roll . . . "

Damn, they’re so harmonious!

The roll was heartbreaking . Gui Guzi's 87 lost to He Yi's 90 . Consequently, He Yi got a second Level 85 item just waiting for her to level up . Then she would officially become a meatshield to beat up .

I handed the Dragon Fang Shield to He Yi and smiled without saying anything . Whether it was Gui Guzi or He Yi, I was happy because they were both my people!

The last equipment was a glittering gold necklace . There was an arrow-shaped pendant which flashed with light .


Transient Necklace (Dark Gold–grade)

Agility: +55

Stamina: +51

Tactics: +15

Passive: Increases user's ranged Attack by 9%

Passive: Increases user's dark Attack by 5%

Level Requirement: 85