VRMMO: The Unrivaled - Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky VW:UUTS Võng Du Chi Túng Hoành Thiên Hạ Wangyou Zhi Tianxia Wushuang 网游之天下无双

Status : OngoingType : Web NovelLanguage : ChineseAuthor : N/A
Lu Chen was one of the ranked players on CGL Hall of Fame for the VRMMORPG , and his in-game name Fallen Dust was resounded throughout China. When , a new VRMMORPG released by the same game producer as , was released, he, along with thousands of other players, decided to have a brand new start on the highly anticipated game. Then, the guild master of his previous guild on , He Yi, suddenly decided to create a game studio and dragged him along. Thus began the journey of the legend of an unparalleled player, Fallen Dust…

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